Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Secondary Knife Review: Jeff White English Trade and Patch Knife

A couple years ago I picked up the Jeff White English Trade Knife and the Jeff White Patch Knife as a more traditional kit with the English trade being my belt knife and the Patch knife being the neck knife of choice. I only used these two in tandem for a very short time and then moved on to the Battle Horse PLSK1 and Short Trail Combo. The English Trade knife was used by my buddy Jeremy Moran for the majority of deer season last year for processing five deer (gut, skin, quarter and further process) and I used the patch knife a good bit for processing fishing and small game last fall. Overall I really like both knives but thought they were a little on the thin side for long-term self reliance so I ended up replacing them with thicker knives. Both make good secondary knives and both are great for skinning and game processing but for heavy-duty wood processing are just a little thin, especially when you want to process wet oak or locust. The tip on these knives gets much thinner at the tip than it is at the spine at the handle. So without belaboring the subject too much below is my video review of the two knife kit (Here is a direct link incase the image doesn't work for you-

The English Trade Knife is an extremely nice representation of a 18th Century English Trade Knife. Hand crafted by a very skilled knife maker, Jeff White. This about as light & tough of a knife as you can get for this amazing price of $45.00 plus sheath!


  • Replica 18th Century English Trade knife
  • High carbon steel blade (ANSI 1095) hardened to Rockwell 59 (HRC 58-60)
  • Blade is 5 ¼”long, 1 ¼” wide, and 3/32” (0.094”) thick
  • Full tang knife with flat ground durable blade edge
  • Nicely figured, hand-finished red stained curly maple handle secured with three brass pins
  • The blade is left with the forging scales on the sides.
  • Sheath available as an optional purchase
  • Life Time warranty on the blade

The Patch Knife is a handmade here in the U.S.A. using the same high-quality techniques and materials as our other Jeff White knives, This little beauty is perfect for the kitchen or the field. 3-1/2” blade.

  • Hi-Carbon (ANSI 1095) steel that Rockwell Hardness Tests at 59 (HRC 58-60)
  • Blade s 3 1/2" long, 1" wide, 3/32" thick
  • Full tang knife with flat ground durable blade edge 
  • Brass pins
  • The blade is left with the forging scales on the sides
  • Sheath available as an optional purchase
  • Life Time warranty on the blade

I have a few carry options for both knives but seem to have a love for scout carry sheaths these days and that love started with the English Trade Knife. I used to use the patch knife as a neck knife but found it was too large for that type of carry and thus its eventual removal from my neck knife carry. 
As you can see in the video and the picture above these knives are heavy-duty enough withstand batoning, but wet oak and locust make the blade flex a little more than I would have liked thus why I didn't include either knife as a primary survival knife option. Both are great for fine wood carving and also for processing game due to that same flexibility so when pairing it with a more heavy-duty option it will serve you well.
Both knives have excellent edge retention and can get hair popping sharp with a Lanskey tactical rod or river stone paired with stropping. I would put them up against just about any other knife I have ever used for fine carving, so look no further if you seek a razor sharp knife that is easy to maintain in the field.

Jeff White puts out some excellent blades and the these two are no exception. While they are a little thin at the tip for my liking, especially for heavy use. The knives are exceptional for processing game and fine carving as I stated above and in the video; honestly, there are very few knives in my kit which have processed as many animals as these two combined so when I say they are great at processing game that is exactly what they are.

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