Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Knife Review: Jeff White Nessmuck Skinner

So I have acquired several Jeff White knives through trades and thought I should get a few of these knife reviews uploaded for everyone. Aside from the rustic look that sets Jeff White knives apart from several other knives on the market they bring bomb proof design/construction, razor sharp edges out of the box and a price point that is quite easy on the budget for a full-tang high carbon steel knife. You can pick up yours by clicking the link below and ordering through Amazon or directly from the Jeff White Website.

So first as always does it meet my 10 requirements for a self reliance knife? Of course it does or I wouldn't waste my time doing a review! The knife features a 1/8" thick high carbon steel blade, 10.25" Overall Length, 5.5" blade length and a 4.9 oz weight.  

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Fits hand Comfortably In All Positions: All Jeff White knives have impressive attention to detail especially when it comes to the handle. Each JW knife I have picked up has fit my hand perfectly for nearly every task I have thrown at them This knife is particularly comfortable for skinning and use as a draw knife. The top left position is probably the least comfortable position to hold the knife due to the three notches in the spine (I still haven't found a good reason for them to be there).
Manageable Blade Length- 4.3"-6.75": This knife features a 5.5" length which is great for processing large game and fish but a little more difficult to process small game. This doesn't effect the knives performance as a survival knife as it is still quite capable of fine carving, feather sticking, making traps and even batoning if needed. While there may be a little flex in seasoned hard woods when splitting them it will not bend or break the knife.
Solid/Flat Pommel: I seem to have forgot my traditional picture of using the knife to pound in a tent stake but as you can see here it is flat and makes a very nice thumb rest for added leverage.
One Cutting Edge w/ No Serrations: This knife and its curved cutting blade is perfect for skinning or nearly any other outdoor activity. While sharpening may take you a little while to get used to it is still very easy to sharpen with a convex grind and easy to maintain a razor sharp edge with a leather strop.
90 Degree Spine: This is absolutely critical for using a knife as a ferro rod scraper or spoke shave to avoid using the blade of your knife (please don't waste your blade on this- find a piece of broken glass or a sharp rock). As you can see below I used the spine to make a little fat wood dust and the scrape the pictured ferro rod to ignite a rapid fire in just under a minute.
High Carbon Steel: An absolutely critical element of knife design (assuming you are not planning to work in or around water a great deal and don't live proximate to the sea) is a high carbon steel construction and this knife is made from 1095 steel. Below I struck the knife with a piece of flint and and was able to get several embers in my pile of char cloth.
Sharp/Spear Point: While this does have a sharp point, it is the first knife I have reviewed that I wouldn't use as a fighting knife just because of the point design and the way the knife handles. The knife will work well to create a starter hole for a bow drill or as a makeshift drill.
Heavy Duty Sheath w/ Ferro Rod Loop:While this knife doesn't actually have a sheath (most Jeff White knives don't come with a sheath) I did place it in the sheath for my Camp King (much larger knife) and it fits fine; however, does not have a ferro rod loop. This knife has been kept on a magnetic strip for most of the time I have owned it as I personally view this knife as more of a specialized tool for skinning and meat processing.
1/8" to 3/16" Blade Thickness: This knife features a 1/8" thick blade which is heavy-duty enough to withstand constant abuse and batoning but thin enough to filet a fish, skin game or feather stick tinder material.
Full Tang Blade: This blade as you can see below is full tang and is quite sturdy for heavy camp tasks. I have used just this knife on several outings as my main knife and love how easy it works its way through wood and how amazing it is at processing game.
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This is just another excellent knife in a long line of Jeff White knives which has proven to be of the highest quality and the best workmanship you can expect from a 100% Handmade in the USA knife. This knife truly shines when it comes to skinning and processing game but is no slouch when it comes to processing wood and making a fire. While I personally view this as more of a game processing tool than an all around survival tool although it is certainly capable of performing all the tasks one would need from a survival knife (obviously as i demonstrated them above). This knife is without a doubt the best skinning knife in my collection and I would recommend this knife to anyone looking for a great camp knife or even a carry knife if they so desired. Buy with confidence this knife is bombproof!

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