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Alone Season 2: Episode 7 Thoughts and Commentary

This week on ALONE we go from seven participants to five participants by the end of the episode. This year we have had a ton of great projects taking place on the show and two individuals responsible for quite a few of those projects will be leaving the challenge. Lots of good things were going on this week including preparation for a trek up a mountain, canoe building, net making, flooded shelters, game playing (dice football and bowling) and much more.

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Day 19
-He hasn't ate for four days, putting on socks is now taking 20 minutes. I guess there isn't a whole lot of seaweed, limpets or other edibles in his close proximity. 

-He says he is cold, hungry and alone.

-Hasn't been able to fish for over a week because his fishing area on the peninsula is under high tide and the tide has been really beating on his rocky coast line.

-"You might swagger into the bush but you will stagger out" heck of a quote and if you spend enough time in the woods you will see its true more and more.

Day 20-
-Limpets are about the only food he has had for the last week. A little contradiction to the day 19 statement of no food but it is what I expected that he most likely was eating seaweed and limpets.  

-Gill net is looking huge and extremely nice, hopefully it works well for you going forward.

-I was surprised that he put the DIY gill net next to his commercial net and baited them with a bottle of crushed mussels. I thought he might have spread out his nets to give himself a greater chance of catching fish from a variety of locations.
Day 19
-Reached a low point when his sleeping bag got soaked and he now has standing water (1"-2") in his shelter. I thought he was utilizing some kind of raised bed within his shelter but I guess it wasn't elevated enough or wooden platform based. 

-He plans to try to dry the bag out in his cooking camp with fire and by laying in it. Body heat will take awhile I might have tried to throw the sleeping bag over a tripod and smoking the bag with minimal fire.

Day 20
-Nice family of okras shown off shore near his location, one of the things I miss seeing in Alaska the most!

-His gill net has only produced one fish so he has decided to re purpose his net as a hammock once again and set it up within his current shelter which still has standing water (3"-4") in it. Might want to make a drainage ditch out of his shelter or something to that effect to help prevent the mold that is sure to occur in the near future.

Day 21
-Goal is to climb mountain tomorrow in honor of the 22 service members who commit suicide each day, epic goal but I'm not sure it will help him stay on the show long-term. 

-Says it takes forever to boil water in his frying pan whereas Nicole said her large pan boils as quick as she sets it on the fire (I believe hers is cast iron). Shows what a difference field testing your gear makes before using it for long-term self reliance. 

-His pan flipped over as he is boiling it and he lost most of his water for the trip. That's what I hate about using frying pans to boil water and prefer a bush pot or simple cup.

Day 22
-He has about 4-6” of water in his shelter and is ready to set out on his journey up the mountain. When he gets back he is really going to need to do something about shelter going forward if he decides to stay post his mountain trek.

Day 19
-His new shelter/living area is mouse free and is able to wake up whenever he wants, has plenty of resources including a fresh stream. Seems like he found his groove and happy spot on night one at his new location. The area appears to be much more open with the added resource of chanterelle mushrooms

-He is now testing out the waters of the cove where he relocated to for potential fish and all three of his lines were emptied of bait but no fish, hopefully he is able to

-Made a stove/chimney out of an old stump, really hope he doesn't end up regretting that idea like so many other survival shows have, I remember Les Stroud had a large log shelter in Alaska that he caught on fire when he fell asleep. 

-Collected some limpets, mushrooms and other edibles for a nice small dinner. He seems to have a nearly sustainable amount of edibles in his new area even without a sustainable protein source.

Day 20
-The chimney idea almost bit him on the butt, it did cause a problem as I predicted and he could not only lost his tarp of other supplies but could have been burnt while sleeping

Day 20
-Still working on his canoe to try to find a salmon run, guy has a ton of skill with wood working with extremely limited tools. His steam bending is working amazing. Entire kayak is ribbed, tied and notched and looks great. Hopefully, it will be serviceable and he can find

-He plans to not only find a salmon run for net based fishing but also try his hand at open water fishing in the sound by his camp. Hopefully for his sake there is a salmon run somewhere within the roughly 5 square miles he is allowed to move within for the show.

Day 21
-Mike is at his old projects again has developed a set of dice to make a diy football dice game

-Made a bird trap and found a black buoy that he is using for a bowling ball.

-He feels he isn't growing or discovering more things about himself and that doesn't sit well with him so he is contemplating going home.

-WOW, didn't really see mike tapping that quick after this started and he started showing his skills. My wife and I did foresee that he he would tap due to missing his family but I expected he would stay at least a month. Everyone know when their time is up and I guess that was his. Good luck mike it was a pleasure watching you on the show.

Day 21
-Has been wanting to go home the last few days but doesn't want to let anyone down.

-Going to build himself a sweat lodge before he makes the decision to stay or go home, nice idea for relaxing- I've never personally made one but love the idea.

-“Everyday I've been able to walk outside and see something beautiful”

-Built one heck of a large fire to sit by, kinda makes me think he is making one last big fire to use up the remainder of his firewood before he leaves. Defiantly makes me think it's his final day on the island.

-Decided to tap out, says he has plenty of time left in the tank physically but mentally he is unable to stay because he needs human companionship to keep going. Says he underestimated the weight and toll of being away from his loved ones.

Post Show
-Looks like Justin may suffer a mechanical injury on his trek up the mountain

-Jose seems like he will have his maiden voyage for his kayak

-Nicole will have her first problem with the bears crossing the river and possibly messing with her gill net

-David's gill nets look to be destroyed during a storm

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