Monday, May 30, 2016

Alone Season 2: Episode 6 Thoughts and Commentary

This week on History's ALONE no one goes home, several contestants catch fish, Larry threatens to go pyro and burn the place to the ground, a contestant moves locations, two boat projects are undertaken and much more! Also don't forget Tomorrow 05/31/2016 at 9pm Eastern time over at Prepper Broadcasting Network (LINK) I will be talking to Randy Champagne about his time on ALONE and what he has been up to since returning home, so be sure to join us in chat or feel free to call 347-202-0228 to listen to the show and press 1 to ask any questions you may have live on the air.

“Voyaging through wilderness is essential to the growth and maturity of the human spirit.” -Steven Callahan

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Day 15
-Exploring his surroundings today and he finds a moss covered natural toilet made from roots hanging over a bank. Now he just needs to make a pit and he has an outhouse, but that ground looks a little tough to dig into,
-Found a massive plastic container that he plans to make a boat from with a few outriggers
-Maiden voyage of the boat seems to be going well, that boat is really buoyant and it seems like it went together for him extremely quickly!
-Getting his inner pirate on and dancing a jig in the boat, lol!

Day 15
-Waiting on the tides keeps getting later and later in the night
-Has a mouse following him around camp and is worried that it may be eating up his camp in the near future
-Caught a pretty decent fish and it almost slipped away but caught him before he did the death flop back into the water. I have had that happen on a few occasions on boats when I wasn't paying full attention and it can be heart breaking!
-Morris code Larry! I really need to learn to speak Morris code to watch this show lol!

Day 16-
-Mouse is destroying his gear and was chewing on his pack during the night...Might be time to trap that sucker buddy, set up a few dead falls and eat him out of spite!
-I'm going to blow this place up if he chews on my sleeping bag
-Stuck in roughly a 100'x100' flat area in a canyon
-Seems to really hate being an electrician and says its time for a change in his life... its life outside of this place that makes me want to cry

Day 17-
-Headed south through very thick forest and hopes he finds a little bit better location than his cove surrounded by rock walls
-My only question is why is everyone not exploring their entire allotted area in the first few days?
-Just walking a little bit and his situation improved 100%
-Was there less than 10 minutes and already found food and cordage and a lot more sunlight
-Has a new mission in life to kill all mice!
-Keeps cutting his poles short, cut them way long and then try to re cut if you have to in camp.

Day 16-
-Wants a boat to be able to catch some salmon on a decent sized stream
-Made saw horses to build his boat, the guy seems like a wood working guru
-Abandoning wilderness survival and moving to wilderness living
-Looks like he is building a kayak
-Seems like he has an excellent skill set when it comes to wood working, it looked like he was going to build a high end wooden boat instead of just an old school Huck Finn style raft.

Day 17-
-Thinks she has figured out the black bears daily habits and feels at home now.
-She caught another large salmon in her gill net
-Looks like she has a steel or plastic piece of siding as her fire backstop, looks like it would work well!
-Her son died outside San Francisco while swimming two years ago when she was graduating with her doctorate

Day 17-
-Two fixed lines and two fish and it seems like his attitude has done a 180 with the extra protein
-”Its really hard being alone, I've never been alone this long before”
-The side walls on that cabin look really good, wondering why he didn't make a roof for it aside from the tarp
-I would probably put triple the amount of ferns in that debris bed as I like a much thicker bed I prefer at least 1-2” of compressed bedding material
-Every fiber of his being is saying it wants to go home

Day 18-
-I just want to leave on a high note and leave still loving this

Post Show:
-Looks like Randy may be leaving the show next week as he ended this show saying that he wants to leave on a high point
-Joe seems like he was sleeping on the ground still and the ground water is seeping up into his sleeping bag... looks like its time for a raised bed that I've been advocating for since the beginning!
-Seems like Larry lost his prime fishing grounds and is more expose to the storm fronts

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