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Alone Season 2: Episode 4 Thoughts and Commentary

This week on History's ALONE we see a contestant go home, several contestants get much needed protein, significant improvements to a shelter, net making, encounters with predators and much more! Also don't forget Tomorrow 05/17/2016 at 9pm Eastern time over at Prepper Broadcasting Network (LINK) I will be talking to Larry Roberts about his time on ALONE and what he has been upto since returning home, so be sure to join us in chat or feel free to call 347-202-0228 to listen to the show and press 1 to ask any questions you may have live on the air. 

Quote of the week comes at the onset: "The instinct to survive will never change, neither will the human body's amazing ability to endure". -John 'Lofty' Wiseman

Everyone seems to be using their headlamps this year compared to last year where it was a big controversy because it wasn't on the list of items to take. This year it is known to be a part of the safety equipment offered to the contestants, so no controversy and well everyone seems to be wearing them 24/7

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Day 7:
-Really emotional post seeing Momma black bear and her cub.
-Tracy says:“Being good at violence is not good and that is exactly who I reverted back to tonight”
-She decides to tap out post bear encounter because of how she reacted aggressively with the cub.
-I didn't see anything violent about what she was doing or even that her actions were aggressive but she wants to go with a little more of a peace/love/harmony approach to life and I wish her luck with that endeavor. For me personally it may not have even been aggressive enough, when it comes to fight or die I would always choose to fight and fight with everything in me. I understand more than most some of the bad stuff she has seen throughout her career as I still think about many bad calls early in my career, but we all deal with trauma and hurt in different ways so you can fault her for how she feels. I know the last few predator encounters I have had while sleeping the last thing on my mind pre/during/post encounter was ghosts of my past as I was more concerned with #1 my weapon, #2 my light and #3 my plan of action (i.e. shoot, scare or take no action). Until you have been alone without a firearm and encountered a predator as your wake-up call you will never know that cold chill down your spine, your senses going from relaxed to hyper and then hopefully training and instinct take over and you have a positive outcome and get to go home and see your family.
-She went out on her own terms, she started accomplishing what she  wanted in life and no one can fault her for her decision. Good job and I wish you the best in finding that inner peace you are looking to find.

Day 8:
-That 20'x20' tarp is huge! That is a massive foot print and he seems like he is quasi protected from the coastal wind.
-Kissed a slug in the middle of the night thinking its his wife. I've had plenty of bugs craw on me while sleeping in the woods but never woke up to one in/on my mouth. At least he didn't have to look too far for his next meal.
-Nice raised bed, glad to see one on the show finally! Really surprised he hasn't started making an insulated shelter of some kind. Granted it may be way too warm for an insulated shelter at this point, but it the cold days are coming and a retreat will be a project well worth the time in my opinion.
-Plans to build a wood drying rack over his fire, that is 100% essential for a wet environment and for continued successful fire making in a wet environment.
-Great setup for the firewood drying rack setup according to how you need to build fire, think I would add a place to a few logs so I could leave a single log on the fire for most of the night some nights as well
-Camp is really coming along! Drying rack looks great and I'm glad someone is looking at this experience long-term.
-I see you found a plastic jug on the beach! Mother nature does provide even if it is because humans leave so much trash behind! Looks like you found a ton of cordage as well! I guess that gamble we talked about on the radio show paid off.
-Surprised that you are not building a cooking camp away from where you sleep just to draw predators away from you a little bit instead of potentially pulling them into your camp.
-I like the elevated fire area, but think I would have made myself a chair (hammock chair would be amazing) instead of an elevated cooking platform and made that area in to a table (a few minutes later it shows a table and a chair... well I guess you are running out of projects). 
-Built a hands free water faucet via bleach container, nice man.... hot shower needs to be next!

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Day 8:
-Yum! Tacos and fried chicken! I foresee a corporate sponsorship from KFC post show for you my friend!
-Gill net is not providing any subsistence and he believes that the holes in the net are just too small which would mean the fish simply just bounce off of it.
-Gill net is the # 1 food producer on the island (I agree 100%). he also said that he was limited to one gill net (wow that sucks, maybe a hammock and a gill net would be allowed?)
-Good job with the net needle and crafting a second gill net with washed up cordage. Net is coming together very quickly and looks really great, not ugly at all brother!

Day 9:
-Getting dehydrated and his water catchment ran out (I wish they would have shown his and others rain catchment systems), he now has to boil his water to drink daily until they get more rain.
-Cedar bark and spruce resin for his tinder bundle of choice and I have to agree 100% with that choice! Great fast fire, making it look easy brother.
-Bummer on the pot falling on you, live and learn. I usually use my pathfinder metal containers with their stoves but rocks can be a pain like that, sticks even more so, usually end up just building the fire around my container and on the ground so I don't have to worry about it or using a tripod to suspend my container at the top of the fire.
-Surprised by the self restraint of not dropping an F-bomb on camera after the pot tipped, I would have been cursing that pot for my mistake for awhile.
-”If you want to catch big fish then use big hooks and big bait” sage advice.
-”Bucket of chicken is a phone call away,” man KFC better pay this man and give him free chicken for life much like Sam got his free hot pockets for life!
Post Show:
-Rocking the Lester River Bushcraft Boreal Coat, I have 0 doubts you will be cold on your travels! As you can see I'm a huge fan of mine, you just need a little bit of a wind break for those high wind days when its in the single digits or below and a canvas boreal coat does wonders in that area.

Day 8:
-Still in shorts and a t-shit, love it man! For those who may have been wondering if he did bring pants, he did but prefers wearing shorts, as his legs and feet don't get as cold as the rest of his body.
-Hammock/gill net worked great and caught a decent sized fish so where are you going to sleep now?
-Gutting job on the fish wasn't horrible, it wasn't a filet job by any means but it did get the job done and that's the name of the game!

Post Show:
Swinging on a branch alone in the middle of nowhere doesn't seem like the best of ideas but I guess whatever keeps you sane.

Day 8:
-Not Lucus, not Alan... I am who I am! Que the Popeye MEME's :)
-Someone is finally making a spear! Looking like he decided to build more of a frog gig to me and then when he is done... wow! Spear for bear/predator defense and gig with what looks like 12 points and almost 8” wide! What is with the Sasquatch comments this year? Did Les Stroud start something with that hunting for Sasquatch series he did (wasn't a fan of that series)?
-I could be drinking a beer and eating a burger in about 2 hours, don't start thinking like that it will get your head out of the game and also make you hungry. In my case it would lead to singing Jimmy Buffet's Cheeseburger In Paradise!

Day 9:
-Caught something in the net and the second he touched the net the fish is able to slip away, crappy luck man!
-Eating limpets and periwinkles but lack of protein is hurting his ability to function at a high level.
-His stationary line produced a fairly large fish and a second stationary line yielded a second decent fish. so like I said in several earlier posts.... get that trap line going and going early! Now 3 fish, living high on the hog thanks to that water based trapping.
-Making several fish filet's for dinner and then using fish guts, and bones in water to make a very rich stew for the morning (might invite predators throughout the night but need all those nutrients).

Day 9:
-Made a counting stick to calculate how many days she has been on the island. Rituals and daily schedules are how you keep from going crazy.
-She is putting her gill net out today, still don't understand why everyone is waiting so long to put their gill nets out; but it is what it is and I wasn't there so they go with what mother nature gives you. Net needs to be a little more taunt but not terrible for her first try, also looks like when she deployed the net it got a little tied up and bunched up, hopefully it doesn't effect performance in a negative manner. 

Day 10:
-Momma bear and her cubs are setting there by the river looking for food not too far from where Nicole has setup her gill net. Momma bear stands up and Nicole bails from the area as footage cuts out. The worse case is coming between a momma and her cubs, a close second is having momma think you are a threat to her cubs but either way you are probably in for the fight of your life,

Post Show:
-I'm struggling to find my place here
-Got his first food in 8 days, a mouse.

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