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Alone Season 2: Episode 5 Thoughts and Commentary

This week on History's ALONE no one goes home, several contestants get much needed protein, we get a few looks more significant shelters, encounters with predators, rope swings, woods gym Inc., mouse for dinner, a massive storm, in-shelter sewage system and much more! Also don't forget Tomorrow 05/24/2016 at 9pm Eastern time over at Prepper Broadcasting Network (LINK) I will be talking to Dave McIntyre about his time on ALONE and what he has been up to since returning home, so be sure to join us in chat or feel free to call 347-202-0228 to listen to the show and press 1 to ask any questions you may have live on the air.

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Day 10:
-Why in the world are you swinging from a rope alone in the middle of nowhere? That was the first thing that came to mind when I saw him swinging on that thing and I was just waiting for the mechanical injury to occur. But I guess if he is careful it could be a lot of fun and relaxing. I think I would have made a swing with a seat just because I'm a little more conservative and would try to avoid mechanical injuries a bit more.

Day 12:
-Built a gym much like Mick Dodges (guy is crazy but knows how to work out in the woods)- pull up bar, chain weights, rock weights, log dumbbell. I agree it will keep your spirits up and and much more but that's a lot of calories you need to replace quickly, hopefully he is able to keep those calories up so he can keep going to the gym.
-Survival workout program, great idea teach people how to workout in the woods while doing a survival class. I see a partnership with a gym in your future!

DAY 13:
-The little bit I can see of your shelter looks good, wish they would give us a good look at your shelter, appears to be a decent A frame type of shelter with some fairly large logs in place. I can't tell much about insulation but it looks like it could hold off a bear for a little bit!
-Kelp urinal, wow he has indoor plumbing! I don't know if its something I would try because of the potential smell but it is pretty nice not to have to get your rain gear on every time you need to pee in the middle of the night!

Day 10:
-Had a stake come out of his gill net, yielded 0 fish in a week of deployment. That's crappy luck man, you have a cove but it doesn't look like you have a fresh water stream like several others to give you a prime spot to place your gill net.
-Thus far he has only ate limpets and seaweed, the lack of protein has got to be wearing on your energy levels by now.
-I like your log lounger, looks comfy there in that Lester River Borel Coat
-$500k is a lot of money but couldn't be your whole motivation for being there. I know it would drive me to stay, but at some point if it isn't about proving something to yourself and just about the money it won't be enough to keep going.
-Great quote: "Whatever you do, do it for the glory of God!"

Day 12:
-Got to love old school cane pole fishing, used to make rods a good bit as a kid. Glad you had luck with the process! Maybe this will inspire a few kids to get out there and try fishing with limited resources or what they find along the banks!
-A rock fish can live 200 years, wow.
-I like your table, good stuff man!
-Nice fast split wood fire! Check out one of my favorite split wood fires to make in the video below!

Day 13:
-About to loose your kitchen/fish processing log.... why not just pull it further onto shore?

Day 10:
-Shelter is looking really insulated these days, great work!
-Still digging the positive attitude with bears, ability to sleep post bear encounter, etc.You're becoming the person I'm rooting for and I try to remain neutral. Your attitude, skill set, camp setup and the fact you're an underdog (all of the medical issues you had to fight through and the longest lasting female contestant) make you easy to root for sticking around for a very long time.

Day 11:
-Holy crap she caught one heck of a fish! Going to have to smoke the heck out of that fish
-Wow cutting that fish head off while in the water it's going to drawl bears quick! She needs to get out of there asap!
-I think I would try to process my fish a little away from that area just because of the bear presence and the fact it would compromise my future fishing with the bear being really close to that gill net. It is essentially pulling their attention to the net where it might not have in the past ventured there due to her presence and scent.
-Might want to do a cooking camp as well, I noticed no one is doing that this year and I have no idea why? Maybe I'm just a little cautious, but without my trusty 44 Magnum strapped to my chest I don't want to fight a 600lb bear from a dead sleep and that says something because I'm a pretty big guy and will generally not back down from much.
-That's a ton of salmon to eat in one setting! I would probably smoke the crap out of salmon and eat a little each day with whatever I could gather thinking more long-term for those days when the massive storms hit.

Day 12:
-WOW, look at that shelter! That is by far the best shelter I've seen on a survival show bar none. That salmon gave her a ton of energy. She also insulated the shelter further with ferns. Heck of a job Nicole, you are putting the boys to shame on long-term shelter construction (at least what we have seen), granted Mike's projects are great and Justin looks like he has a mini cabin but one has perks and the other we haven't seen as much of. I really wish they would show more shelters and the resources in their immediate area.

Day 13:
-Take a look at her spare wood pile, good amount of wood stored in preparation of the storm. Really like Mike's setup better but hers looks like it will serve her well.
-Great work on that lean-to/Yurt, 0 leaks amazing!
-Gill net looks to be 40' from shore where as it is normally just a creek. Storm surge is crazy, good example for people to remember when camping near water!

Day 12:
-Working on a permanent structure
-That log cabin is looking good for such a short time, why not try to make more of a permanent roof instead of solely relying on the tarp for insulation
-Has a trout line and small game traps out

Day 14:
-Desperate man eating slugs... don't think i could do it
-Mouse its whats for dinner. singed it, gut it and pull hair off cook a little more
-That was his first meet in 14 days... nuts!

Day 13:
-His gill net is out in high tide and is at risk of loosing the net
-I think I would have got naked or down to boxers and a t-shirt before I got into the water, just to keep my clothes dry in such a wet environment.
-Wow that was good luck catching a salmon while cleaning your gill net!
-Chop stick seems like they are working great, now for the millions of Americians who have no idea how to use the chop sticks that come with their Chinese food you need to do a tutorial for eating with them and making them!
-Shelter is still just a tarp shelter it appears, that was a big surprise for me. Being that he teaches a good bit with Nicole (or so I've been told) I just thought their shelters would be a good bit alike and their approach would mirror each other, but sometime opposing theories are brought together to put on an epic class!
-The amount we are seeing of Jose really leads me to believe he is going to be one of the finalist for sure, two weeks and they have only given him 5 minutes of screen time. 

Show Credits:
-Looks like randy will make a boat next episode and Larry is going to war with a mouse

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