Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Alone Season 2: Episode 8 Thoughts and Commentary

This week on ALONE no one goes home, one participant has more food than they can handle and one had hardly any food to sustain themselves. Justin makes his trek up the mountain for veteran suicide awareness, David can't catch a break when it comes to his gill nets and Jose is getting extremely close to a maiden voyage with his canoe. 

Day 22
-His folding hand saw dwarfs my Bacho Laplander, he is at least having fun joking about using a light saber for cutting his wood. Seems like the lack of food and being alone are really wearing him down.

-Still no fish caught in either of his gill nets, but both are side-by-side I would probably move one of them to a new location.

-He is getting a ton of seaweed in his net, that would make for a great meal while waiting for dinner

-He is getting a ton of lumber (1000 lbs + cedar logs floating into his bay which could be disastrous for his gill net, but on the plus side he could have one heck of a log cabin if they keep coming in!

Day 23
-Both of his gill nets have been destroyed by the heavy surf, hopefully he is able to get them untangled and back in serviceable working order. The net has a ton of holes but he is doing a great job fixing them. Says that all of his gill net skills came from watching season one.

-Losing weight very fast. Says a normal family throws out more food in a week than the total amount he has ate while being there.

-Setting out his gill net that he just repaired in the same exact spot that he has had 0 luck with. I think I would probably change locations up a little bit if there was any other options, preferably close to a stream.

Day 24
-Another day and another gill net disappointment and this time it was knocked down by yet another ceder log, if it were not for bad luck David wouldn't have any when it comes to gill nets!

-Really starting to miss his kids, doing this because he wants to help his kids in some way he hasn't been able to do in the past.

Day 22
-Has a bald eagle near his camp, I have only had a the opportunity to see a handful of bald eagles in the wild and what a sight they truly are!

-Boat build is working out really well, but it seems the tarp is the weakest part of the entire build which if he steps on anything but the frame on his boat he will run the risk of sinking all of his hard work.

Day 23
-Found some sea lion bones in the water and is planning to make a needle from the bone. He has excellent craft skills, would love for my wood crafting skills to be at that level one day!

Day 24
-Installing skid plates to protect his tarp from potentially ripping. Calls his canoe “very homemade” I call it a work of bush art!
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Day 22
-Embarking on his day 22 mountain trek to increase awareness of the 22 veteran suicides which occurs daily in the US.

-Hike up the mountain is nearly straight up and down and extremely slick

-Takes a nasty spill backwards and ends up flat on his back in the weeds, possibly injured his knee and leg may have a torn ligament.

-Amazing view for his climb, but taking a ton of risk on this climb

-Near the summit his knee is really starting to hurt so the likelihood of injury is pretty high.
-Ended up climbing 1300 feet to the summit for the cause of veteran suicide awareness after surviving alone with minimal gear and food for 22 days. Says that for anyone out there struggling you can make that climb, just don't give up!

Day 23
-Plans to take his entire shelter apart and move it somewhere else where there isn't going to be standing ground water seeping into his shelter.

-Decided not to hang it up post mountain climb and feels recharged. Looks like he has one heck of a walk to carry his shelter materials.

-Making a raised bed frame for his hammock so he doesnt have to worry about having flat ground inside his shelter.

-This a-frame shelter is significantly smaller than his last shelter and will essentially just have enough room for his hammock.

Day 22
-Like always she has bears in the stream near her gilll net, I'm surprised that it took that long for one to go in on her net that close. Now the bear is headed her way and he looks like a very large male bear.

Day 23
-Has a huge salmon in her gill net and looks like she will have food for a week or more!

-Trying to balance out her diet by foraging for edibles and medicinal plants. Her plant knowledge is amazing compared to many of the previous participants, what a huge advantage in that environment!

-I think she literally just jumped out of her skin when she heard that salmon jump.

-Has a chance to do a little hand fishing on several very large salmon, I'm sure she had a great reason for leaving them there, but if I'm thinking long term self reliance both of those targets of opportunity would be on the smoker and ready and waiting for the day I'm low on food and hungry

-Good score on yarrow, its one of my most used wild medicinal and I always carry at least a small amount of it dried in my pack with me at all times.

-Another good score with plantain (seemy article here), it will help balance your diet out there so well. Her wild edible and medicinal knowledge is really paying off it appears.

Day 25
-Breakfast of champions of salmon and goes to check her gill net and finds another huge salmon

-I would really really really smoke that fish and preserve it but she is letting it go much like she did with the others she walked by two days ago. When winter comes and there are much less fish available I think she may regret the decisions of this past week.

Preview for Next Week
-Mice for dinner
-Jose takes his maiden voyage on the kayak and seems to do a flip
-David appears to be going hungry

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  1. I've not really saw Jose eat anything. I hope he is as i would like to see the guy make it to the 5th week and beyond. Justin is a strong character thought at times he does appear to be fighting some demons of his own. Climbing mountains is all god and well, but it seriously takes a lot out of you when food is scarce. Nicole could be a dark horse here. David needs to find food or it's game over....did i miss someone. I thought there were 5 left..? anyway. Power to all those who have tried and are still trying to survive. we are not talking young fit and healthy kids here. Not saying they are over the hill, but they aint no spring chickens either.

  2. Thanks for another great review. Looking forward to the day we see you on Alone.
    Appreciate your weekly show as well. Always great advice /guests.
    Have a great 5.