Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Alone Season 2: Episode 9 Thoughts and Commentary

This past week on History's ALONE was quite eventful to say the least! This week one participant ends their journey on Vancouver Island, two participants have a crab feast, and Jose takes his canoe out on its maiden voyage and Nicole is well no where to be seen.

“Look Deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” -Albert Einstein

Day 31:
-Ferret getting food from the ocean and he tries to scare it to take a meal of opportunity from him. Getting really hungry now and will eat anything he can get his hands on now.

-Going to try to cook some bull kelp for dinner just for some substance and to hopefully get his bowels moving again as they haven't in several days. 

Day 32:
-Still constantly gets large cedar logs washing into his cove, great for building a cabin but terrible for trying to net fish in that same area. 

-Working on cordage to make a crab line for drag based fishing. Extremely successful as it looks like he caught one in his very fist cast. Ended up catching 6 Dungeness crabs with his simple fishing setup! I can't say I've ever tried this fishing method as I haven't done much coastal survival, but wow I really need to give it a shot.

-Thinks this is a perfect moment he will remember for the rest of his life. Finally has his 2 qt. pot full and a large meal ready for consumption! Just when he was getting down in the dumps, he gets a whole pot of hope!

Day 34:
-The little things getting him excited... the idea of bull kelp creating a good bowel movement makes him happy even though he he hates just pooping in the woods. Weird the things that trigger memories, this statement took me back to an old Dave Canterbury YouTube video where he talked about hygiene in the woods and described pooping in the woods like a dog.... laughed about the way he described it for days.  

Day 31:
-Seems a little pissed today cussing at the seagulls... channel that anger and make some bird traps brother. Really sucks that all they seems to want to show is when you are frustrated, those who know you know what a great guy you are. 

-Has a new mouse close to his camp, so its time for him to go to war with a mouse. Building a few dead falls to take down the mouse and make him dinner! He ended up setting a Paiute dead fall for killing the mouse, the trap looks pretty good for it being his first ever set of that type of trap.

-His dead fall was sprung, but no luck with killing the mouse. Primitive trapping is tricky and exactly why you should take a handful of commercial traps in any long-term self-reliance kit.

-Catches the mouse in his dead fall right as he is getting into be, but the mouse takes off on the run from the rock not killing him. He ends up seeing it in a hole and stabs at him with his spear and ends up stepping on him and fishing him off with a mafia style bow tie.

Day 33:
-Caught a decent fish with his surf line also was able to pick up a couple crabs as well (they were stuck in the bull kelp apparently).

-On his way back to camp he checks his dead fall and gets another mouse, heck of a good food day brother!

-Gets the second mouse clean and hears the dead fall trigger once again and now has one more mouse to add to his day 33 feast

Build Your ALONE Survival Kit? Start Here:

Day 31:
-Kayak is done, calling it "The delicate one" because it has thin skin and could be punctured with one sharp rock

-Hasn't devoted much time to shore based fishing due to his boat building and banking on off shore fishing desire.

-Canoe is very unstable which will be tough in rough water or even pulling in large fish

-Averts tipping over into his cove just barley, looks like he could use a pair of out riggers to increase stability.

-For those wondering the life vest he is part of the safety kit.

Day 34:
-Building his outrigger system and he has a large container for one side and has been praying the last couple days about a second buoyant object and his prayers were answered with a crab pot bouey

Day 33:
-I guess his knee is OK as we haven't heard any mention of it since the trek up the mountain episode.

-Makes a great point about sustainability vs survivability. Finding a whole pot of snails or periwinkles is a great start to that end as you don't have a ton of work in them and there are literally thousands of them along the coast.

Day 34:
-Ate, got water, worked out, got fire wood and is out of stuff to do at only 11am.

-His training is based on surviving 72 hours and get yourself out as opposed to woodcraft/bushcraft. Seems like his boredom is going to be what takes him out of the competition.

Day 35:
-Having trouble staying motivated now that he is in a groove and doesn't have a ton of daily tasks to complete.

-Needs two things as a person- happiness and adventure and the adventure is dying on Vancouver island for him.

-Ends up tapping out so he can move onto his next adventure.

-Thinks he needs to make a few life changes when it comes to priorities.

-Living life to its fullest is a lot more about getting the most out of life, not just getting by day to day. If something is keeping you from enjoying your life then get rid of it.

-The biggest change he is going to make is to cut back on stuff, to the point he can fit most of what he owns in the back of his truck.

Preview of Next Week:
-Larry is counting the days down, saying this place doesn't have many redeeming qualities.
-Nicole has an issue with a seal getting into her net, tearing it up and eating her fish
-Jose's boat leaks
-Dave falls into the cove up to his waist. 

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