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Jeff White Bush Knife (Pathfinder Edition) Review

So its been a little bit since I have posted here as life has got in the way a little, but I'm back and have a ton of content ready to go! If you haven't subscribed to my YouTube Channel (You can find it here: LINK) then be sure to stop by and subscribe as my content is almost always on there well before it reaches the blog.  So without further delay, lets kick things off with the video review below and then we will dig a little deeper below.

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The Jeff White Bush Knife (Pathfinder Edition), not to be confused with the Jeff White Bush One (there is a picture of the two below for comparison) is quite a capable one tool option. If you're short on funds and need an heirloom quality knife that will be a lifetime work horse this knife is the ticket. I think of this knife as a much cheaper version of the Battle Horse Knives PLSK1 due to its design and overall functionality and actually in many ways performs better than the PLSK1 due to its thinner blade thickness coupled with a very capable convex grind. The knife meets all of my ten characteristics, is light enough for EDC, heavy-duty enough to handle abuse and a thing of beauty with hammered finish and Curly Maple Handles.

Need a new Knife? Try One Of These!

The Jeff White Bush Knife-Pathfinder Edition (Top) Vs. Jeff White Bush One (Bottom): For tactical purposes I like the bush one for EDC as it works very well with Krav Maga principals and is just a great light weight knife (also a decent skinner) where as the Bush Knife is a little more robust, has a little less curve and is a little thicker for heavier use.

The BHK PLSK1 (Top) Vs. The Jeff White Bush Knife-Pathfinder Edition (Bottom): Notice the remarkable comparison between these two knives both bearing the Pathfinder logo! The Bush Knife is slightly thinner than the PLSK1 but makes up for it with the convex grind which to me is a little more durable than the Scandinavian grind.

This Knife Meets All Of The 10 Requirements of A Survival Knife Which I Will Detail Below

Blade- 1095 High Carbon Steel with hammer marks left on for authenticity
Blade Length- 5" Full Tang
Blade Thickness- 1/8" 
OAL- 9 1/2" 
Grind- Convex
Handle Options- Curly Maple
Sheath: Several options out there for this knife
Price: ~$65

1) Fits Hand Comfortably in all Positions: I have yet to come across a Jeff White Knife that wasn't comfortable in the hand. This knife performs well in most weather conditions but becomes a little slick when you're up to your elbows in mud. The curly maple handle material makes for a durable and comfortable knife and like all Jeff White knives with this particular handle fits the hand perfectly (assuming you don't have massive hands).
2) Manageable Blade Length 4.3"- 6.75": This knife comes in right at 5" of cutting surface and is an absolute joy to use for both fine carving and heavy-duty tasks. I have batoned wood, made try sticks/bow drill sets/traps/spoons/etc. and this knife just keeps ticking! The knife doesn't seem to need sharpening as much as others with is a major plus.

3) Solid/Flat Pommel: While the pommel is slightly rounded it can still be used to break open walnuts, hammer in tent peg, etc. so using the pommel as a hammer is well within the realm of possibility with this knife until you make a longer term batoning device.

4) One Cutting Edge With No Serrations: Like normal this knife has a single cutting edge with none of those pesky serrations that I dislike so much.  The profile of the blade is a good mix of the PLSK1 and the Bush One and make for a great overall cutting tool.

5) 90 Degree Edge on Spine: This knife has a very aggressive spine for removing material from a ferro rod or a piece of wood to make fire tinder (see video review as it shows this task much better than words can explain it).

6) High Carbon Steel: 1095 is defiantly high carbon and will easily throw sparks when struck with a chunk of flint for flint/steel fire starting as an emergency backup.

7) Sharp/Spear Point: The knife has a nice sharp point that can be used as a defensive tool or an improvised frill for making a bail handle on a natural water carrying bowl or getting a bow drill set started.

8) Heavy Duty Sheath With Ferro Rod Loop: This knife will fit in a wide variety of sheaths (it seems to work well in a kydex sheath I have attached to my EDC bottle bag (See it here- LINK) that was originally obtained for the PLSK1. Self Reliance Outfitters also has three cheaper leather sheaths that will fit this knife for less than $15.
9) 1/8" to 3/16" Blade Thickness: As you can see the spin is just a little over 1/8"which is great for long-term durability and yet fine carving at the same time. It is also thick enough to sustain utilizing the spine for flint and steel fires while still being able maintain a section of the spine for scraping.

10) Full Tang or Nearly Full Tang with 1+ Year of Abuse Testing:This knife was in the rotation for a little over 6 months and got to see some heavy carving, wood processing and cleaned several fish! This knife will take the abuse you put it through and is backed by Jeff White's lifetime guarantee.

The Jeff White's Bush Knife (Pathfinder Edition) is one serious cutting tool. You are essentially getting a knife close to the PLSK1 for $65.00, that is one heck of a value if you ask me! This knife is suitable for long-term self reliance tasks, hunting, fishing, etc and will be one of your go-to knives. I highly recommend that you check this knife out, test it out for yourself and if times are tough and money is tight this is a great knife that will without a doubt last a lifetime (it is also guaranteed for life). 

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