Monday, March 28, 2016

Survival Weekly Video Contest

Tomorrow, Tuesday March 29, 2016 I will have Jim Cobb on my radio show over at ( talking about his new book the Prepper's Communication Handbook. We will be working our way through the book on the show giving you all kinds of insights on pre and post disaster communication and communication systems. You can pick up a copy of his book below.... Now what does this have to do with my blog aside from the fact he is on my radio show tomorrow? Well, this past week Jim Cobb over at posted his annual video/essay contest to coincide with the release of his newest book "Prepper's Communication Handbook" (Buy it Here- LINK).  The rules for the contest this year were pretty simple: 1) Provide original content (either video or essay) about some topic concerning preparedness or self-reliance - one of the suggested video topics was pack setup so I talked about my haversack in the video below; 2) Upload and email to Jim Cobb; 3) Be family friendly. The entrees are then posted on where they will be judged by several professional in the industry as well as selecting a fan favorite. The three winners (fan favorite/video/essay) will receive a prize package with a multi-band radio, his new book, a UV pen, UV light and a few assorted training DVD's. You can learn more about the contest here: LINK. If you would like to see the rest of the entrants you can find those here (LINK).

So here is my updated woods haversack for the summer when in predator country. This kit can essentially suffice for long-term self reliance (sure a few traps and a few other things would be nice but I could easily be comfortable long-term out of this kit). There are several additions to this kit from when I explored it as my 10 C's kit for the Pathfinder School's Phase 1 Course. The video is a bit long as I talk about every item in the kit including my Micro 10 C's Kit (Find more information Here- LINK) and my current fire kit. The weight isn't too bad at all but you will know its on your shoulder after a few hours with a full water bottle and a box of spare 44 Magnum ammunition.
I forgot to add my ultralight fishing kit to the video as it was in my larger tackle box for a boat based trip earlier in the week. While this kit is not always in my haversack, it usually finds a home there whenever I will be near a fishable body of water. I know it is overkill and you can easily catch fish with a piece of cordage and a makeshift hook but a crank bait makes life the fishing process a little more fun.

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I love carrying my Pathfinder School Oil Skin Haversack whenever I'm in the woods as it is one of the more minimalist means of carrying everything I might need and still provide extra room for foraging, fire material, etc. This kit incorporates survival necessities, self/predator defense, sustainability and much more all in a lightweight (the haversack literally folds down to the size of an Altoids tin and weighs less than my micro 10 C's Kit) and adaptable package. I have been debating for awhile going back to a mid-sized backpack and utilize it for every trip long or small where as the haversack is broken down and placed into my pack on longer trips. For now the haversack kit will be by my side whenever I venture out but as always I'm always looking to improve!

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