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Christopher Apodaca Survival Knife Review & GAW!

This week we have a great Christopher Apodaca survival knife up for review and giveaway valued at over $250! I will tell you about the giveaway upfront and then below you will see the video and corresponding review article!

Next week (Tuesday 4/4/16 @ 9pm ET) on my live radio show we will be giving away a Christopher Apodaca Self-Reliance Knife on my live show with him over at http://prepperbroadcasting.com/live-shows/the-7-ps-of-survival/. There will be two winners selected for the following prizes 1) Christopher Apodaca Self-Reliance Knife + Small First Aid Kit +Small Fire Kit (Valued at over $200) and 2) Small First Aid Kit and Small Fire Kit (Valued at over $50). All entries will be assigned a unique number and I will select the winners via random.org during the show. Please pay attention to the details below as if you don't complete all of the tasks for each for of entry you will be disqualified and another winner will be selected in your place. I will pay for shipping within the USA if a winner is outside the USA they can pay shipping costs or another winner will be selected.

Three Ways To Enter The GAW:
1) Face Book Entry: You may enter with this method until 04/04/2016 @ 1400 Eastern and must do all of the below to receive the entry.
2) YouTube User Entry: You may enter with this method until 04/04/2016 @ 1400 Eastern and must do all of the below to receive the entry.
3) Prepper Broadcasting Entry: You must participate at some point between 2100 and 2130 eastern during the show
Christopher Apodaca Self-Reliance Knife Video Review (click picture below or click here):

Need A Survival Knife? Try One Of These: 

Knife Specifications
This knife meets all of my requirements for a a long term self-reliance knife as you can see by the graphic below; however, here are the knifes specifications and we will go through each knife requirement below. Steel: 1095 High Carbon Steel
OAL: 9.25"
 Blade Thickness:  5/32" 
Blade Length: 4.75"
Grind: Scandinavian
Sheath: 7 Oz Hand Stitched Leather Dangler
Handle Material: Natural African Mahagony Wood (w/ Large Fish Eye Hole)

Fits Hand Comfortably In All Positions: This knife fits the hand pretty well in almost every single position. Using this knife as a draw knife is a little more difficult than say the IHK Bush Clever (See It Here), but it simply wasn't built for that purpose it was built as a general all-around woods knife. The blade can also be utilized as a self defense tool as it works. The contour of the handle and the scalloping near the blade really provide a finished look to the blade and really helps with control of the blade!

Manageable Blade Length: At 4.75" this knife is a nice blend of small and manageable for fine tasks, yet robust enough for processing down five wood via batoning. I was able to make a try stick quite easily with this knife and was still able to baton 4" Oak and then took it to the kitchen to prepare a meal without any issue. The knife felt comfortable and the blade was easily managed during every task I put before the knife. 
Solid/Flat Pommel: This knife has a slightly angled pommel but is easily manageable to implement as a hammering device as demonstrated in the video where I show it has the ability to hammer a peg into another piece of wood. This knife can easily be used to crush nuts, hammer in tent pegs and generally replace a hammer for light duty uses (granted you could easily pick up a stick, but this offers a little more control).

One Cutting Edge w/ No Serrations: This blade obviously has no serrations making it ideal for processing fire wood via batoning and easy to field sharpen. The scandi grind has retained paper cutting sharpness after several uses in the kitchen and in the field and has been one of the best blades for edge retention that I have tested recently.
90 Degree Edge on Spine: This knife has one of the most aggressive 90 degree spines of any knives I have picked up. The spine will remove material from a ferro rod or material from a stick like a knife cutting through butter. There is no need to worry about getting used to the 90 for optimum performance as this knife just rips through material like its nothing. Great 90.... amazing 90, cant say enough about this amazing 90 degree spine.

High Carbon Steel: There are very few knives that I would buy or even review that aren't high carbon steel and this one is no exception. The blade is made from a high-carbon 1095 variant of steel that will field sharpen easily and will throw sparks with flint/steel quite easily.
Sharp/Spear Point: While this knife does have a sharp point and can be used as a modified/makeshift drill it doesn't work as well as a true spear point like that of a bushcrafter style knife with more of a spear point on the knife. The knife can easily make holes for starting a bow drill set, make a bore hole in wood or anything else where you may need a drill but be without one while in a wilderness environment. This knife will without a doubt function as a makeshift drill on the fly if the situation calls for it.

Heavy-Duty sheath with Ferro Rod Loop: Sara (Christopher's Girlfriend), makes amazing looking leather sheaths (I still have a small belt sheath she made that has a deer stamped into the leather that everyone seems to love). While most of her sheaths don't come with a ferro rod loop standard you could easily use a different sheath and use this for more of a minimalist carry.
1/8"to 3/16" Blade Thickness: This knife comes in at 5/32" and is a good upgrade to say a Mora Bushcraft Black (one of my favorite knives- see my review HERE). This knife has no problem batoning through material and just felt like a very sturdy extension of your arm when utilizing this tool.

Full Tang: There is no question this knife will last an extremely long time! The knife is obviously full tang and once you get your hand on this knife (assuming you're the lucky winner you will see just how bomb-proof this beautiful knife really is!

Christopher Apodaca Handmade Knives give you what you expect, a hand made knife that looks amazing and is highly functional. This knife is no exception. I expected a mirror finish, I expected awesome leather work by Sara, I expected to fall in love with the knife and not want to give it away! The knife is a joy to use and in case I didn't say it enough above... the 90 degree edge on this knife is so sharp and that was a pleasant surprise as most of the knives I've tested lately cant hold a candle to my BHK neck knives when it comes to serving as a ferro rod/tinder scrapper. The knife is the perfect size and weight for EDC and honestly you will forget that it's even there after awhile. All I can say is I envy whomever ends up winning this beautiful knife next week!
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