Thursday, January 14, 2016

Pathfinder Phase 1 Course: Personal Space Deliverable

Today I will be covering Block 2 Module 1 Exercise 1 & 2 and Block 7 Module 1 Exercise 1 of the Pathfinder Schools Phase 1 course. This portion of the course requires the following: 1) Draw a map of your personal space to include all terrain features including hills, mountains, fields, streams, ponds, prevailing winds, trails and include four cardinal directions of N, S, E, W;  2) Once You have found your space sit for one hour in quiet and observe your surroundings and log this experience; and 3) Sit with your back against a tree within your personal space, remain there for one hour and remain still. Focus on the sounds you hear and observe using owl eyes mentally record what you see and hear then log this experience.

Camp Drawn Image: Warning I don't have an artistic bone in my body!

Camp Google Earth Image For Comparison:  

What To Hammock Camp? Try Starting Here:

A Few Pictures Of The Actual Camp
So the temperatures were in the single digits and it was spitting snow on the night before winter trout season opened here in WV. Since I was camping I camped.... Threw up my Hennessy Hammock with JacksRBetter Underquilt and DIY Top quilt and slept like a baby in just my base layer. I debated a good bit on weather or not to use my just my 10 C's kit and camp but I got to the woods late and just decided a good nights sleep after a 48 hour shift was more prudent.

Here are a few pictures from around the camp area since I draw in a terrible manner just so you can get an idea of what the area looks like: Row 1 (L- Hill to creek behind the camp site; R-From river up to camp); Row 2 (L- Lower tier view to creek; R- Creek level); Row 3 (L- Left side of camp; R- Right side of camp.

 Block 2 Module 1- 2 & Block 7 Module 1- Exercise 1 (Click Image To Start Video)
This video covers the requirements of  Phase 1 Block 2 Deliverable 6 and also Block 7 Deliverable 1 where I made observation in silence from my hammock and alongside the creek eating breakfast and waiting on the first trout stocking of the year. 

These Phase 1 activities were not extremely task oriented but are designed to make you think about your local resources and determine if your camp area has sufficient resources to support your camp activities. So what did I take away from this task? 1) I can't draw a map!; 2) This camp location has a great deal more resources as opposed to the area in which my long-term camp and trap line is located; 3) Sitting still is not something I like to do (even when hunting I seem to prefer to be on the move if possible); 4) Listening in quiet without movement allows you to get a better feel for activity in your area (bears and coyotes are less active here than at my main camp but deer appear to be nocturnal here as well but very limited small game); 5) The sound of running water helps me sleep, I find I sleep better here than anywhere else. While this was by no means a difficult assignment it was fun to complete to get it out of the way while waiting for trout season 2016 to begin.

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