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Battle Horse Knives Scout Knife Review

I have had the Battle Horse Knives Pathfinder Scout in my woods carry rotation for a little over a year now and It has performed like a beast doing every single task I have put before it. The knife has been used to make: primitive traps, try sticks, flint/steel fires, split wood fires, bowl, tarp stakes, pot hanger and much more. There are several videos of this knife in use below and I will offer my overall thoughts below those videos in the actual written review: 
 Full Battle Horse Knives Scout Review:

BHK Scout Performance Review Post Spa Treatment:

BHK Scout Making A Flint/Steel Fire:

Scout vs. PLSK1 vs. PLSK2- A Comparative Analysis:

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BHK Scout Written Review:
This knife meets all of my requirements for a a long term self-reliance knife as you can see by the graphic below; however, here are the knifes specifications and we will go through each knife requirement below. Steel: 5/32" 01 Tool Steel 
OAL: 11" 
Blade Width: 1 1/4" 
Handle Length: 5.375" 
Grind: Saber
Sheath: Leather Hip Sheath w/ Ferro Rod Loop
Handle Material: Brown/Natural Micarta Scales (w/ Large Fish Eye Hole)

Fits Hand Comfortably In All Positions: The curvature of this knife's handle (much like an American Trade Knife) makes it extremely comfortable for all sizes of hands. While I would say I have medium sized hands (wear L work gloves XXL in latex) it still fits my hand perfectly in all positions. The same can be said of my buddy Jeremy who wears a size XL work glove and XXL latex gloves. While this isn't a fighting knife (its just a little too bulky and long for that application) it still fits the hand in all of those positions in which you would use it as such.

Manageable Blade Length 4.3"-6.75": This blade comes in at a beefy 5.375" blade length and is more than capable of handling any camp chore you throw at it. I have used it to complete nearly every task you can think of in the woods and it has taken each of them with a smile. The saber grind has the best edge retention of any blade I have utilized in the field and can go several trips and still stay razor sharp with just a belt stropping after each use.

Solid/Flat Pommel: While the pommel isn't flat it is still completely capable of being utilized as a makeshift hammer. I have used it to hammer in tent stakes, crushed walnuts, broken ice, beat gear back into shape and much more. Would I use it as a long term replacement for of hammer, of course not, but in a pinch it work well.

One Cutting Edge With No Serrations: Easy to sharpen, easy to strop, excellent edge retention and is a great tool to utilize in the woods. The Scout is a great cutting tool and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a long-term self reliance tool.

90 Degree Edge on Spine: The Scout comes with an excellent 90 degree edge on the spine (check out the post spa treatment video below by clicking on the image). I got this knife on a trade where the tip and the spine was pretty damaged so post spa treatment the knife worked without a flaw. The knife threw excellent sparks and was able to shave fat wood with ease.

High Carbon Steel: The knife was made with 01 tool steel which is obviously high carbon steel and if you click the image below you can view the video which shows the knife creating a flint/steel fire.

Sharp/Spear Point: While it is not a true spear point, the knife does have a sharp point which can be used to bore a hole into wood (makeshift drill), used as a makeshift weapon, used for processing game and much more. The knife tip was broke when I got the knife and I'm not sure the circumstances behind the break, so that made me question the integrity and durability of the tip. I didn't experience anything bad with this knife after it was fixed or further failure of the tip during abuse testing.

Heavy Duty Sheath w/ Ferro Rod Loop: Each BHK comes with a very good sheath and the Scout came with a standard hip sheath with ferro rod loop which has provided an excellent means by which to carry the knife. The knife obviously will not stay in the sheath if you decide to go head over heals down a hill while hunting so if that is something you're worried about be sure to pay the extra money for a kydex sheath. I have taken a spill a few times with the PLSK1 on my hip and it has the exact same sheath design and I have never had the knife slip out. 

1/8" to 3/16" Blade Thickness: The knife is 5/32" thick and is plenty robust to be your go-to knife for self-reliance. The knife can batoned with ease and will last a lifetime and beyond. Add to this a lifetime warranty and you will have a knife that you can literally beat on and it will keep asking for more!

Full Tang: The knife is full-tang and is obviously much more durable than my Mora. The knife is ready and awaiting use and if need be abuse.

First of all this and every Blind/Battle Horse Knife is heirloom quality and will last beyond your lifetime. I have had the pleasure of handling around twenty five of their knives and this one is easily within the top five of those and all knives I have used over the last few years. The blade length is on the outer portion of the spectrum (the Mora Pathfinder is the only knife I have reviewed which is longer) and is about the longest blade length that I would carry on my hip while in the woods from a comfort perspective and anything above that level would more than likely be pack mounted. So final thoughts.... Don't think twice about any BHK purchase. If you're having issue deciding between the PLSK1, PLSK2 and Scout scroll up to the top and watch my comparative analysis of the three. The knife is a beast and will without a doubt find it's way onto your hip if you get your hands on the knife.

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