Thursday, March 12, 2015

List Of Common Ailments With Corresponding Wild Medicinal

My friends over at the In The Bush Facebook Group (Specifically Jason LaBella) put forth this list of ailments with corresponding wild medicinal for it treatment. As many of you may know I have been taking part in their wild edible/medicinal contest over the last few weeks and it has got me thinking about that aspect of my preparedness level in this category. I have for the most part stuck with those wild edibles that I use all the time and a select few wild medicinals that are my go to. While I have started to look into essential oils and will likely have a few post on them as alternative medicine I will focus my efforts this spring and summer on wild medicinals and edibles aside from my normal type of posts.

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So a few things before you dig into this list- 1) This list is not North America specific; 2) This is not  comprehensive list it is more of a starting point for your research; 3) Always ensure you have a proper identification; 4) everyone's body is different and reacts differently so what works for me may not work for you; 5) Get a few go to edible/medicinal references and use them regularly

Here Are A Few Edible/Medicinal Guides To Get You Started:

Abdominal Pain: jurubeba, carqueja, artichoke, erva tostão, kalanchoe, epazote, clavillia, abuta, bitter melon, fedegoso, chuchuhuasi

Abscesses: guaco, erva tostão, fedegoso, picão preto, sarsaparilla, epazote, graviola, cat's claw, samambaia, aveloz (topical), clavillia, balsam, jurubeba

Abrasions: sangre de grado, andiroba, scarlet bush, mutamba, juazeiro, copaiba, fedegoso, balsam, kalanchoe (also see Wounds)

Acid Reflux: (see Heartburn)

Acne: abuta, sarsaparilla, bitter melon, espinheira santa, damiana, fedegoso, tayuya. chuchuhuasi, artichoke, andiroba (external), clavillia, cat's claw

Adrenal Gland Disorders: chuchuhuasi, tayuya, erva tostão, espinheira santa, maca, catuaba, suma, muira puama, cat's claw, artichoke, passionflower

Aging (anti): samambaia, cat's claw, sarsaparilla, suma, yerba mate, andiroba (topical), annatto

AIDS and HIV: jergon sacha, mullaca, bitter melon, carqueja, amargo, chanca piedra, macela, clavillia, vassourinha, chá de bugre, catuaba, simarouba, cat's claw, pau d'arco

Allergies: amor seco, nettle, kalanchoe, gervâo, guaco, carqueja, jatoba, pau d'arco, picão preto, yerba mate, bitter melon, cat's claw, samambaia

Alopecia (Hair Loss): nettle, mutamba, avenca, gervâo, catuaba, sarsaparilla, muira puama, chuchuhuasi, picão preto, guaraná (topical), quinine, jaborandi (topical), juazeiro (topical)

Amebic Infections: simarouba, amargo, epazote, erva tostão, guava, graviola, quinine, bitter melon, carqueja, gervâo

Amenorrhea (absence of menstruation): damiana, sarsaparilla, suma, espinheira santa, Brazilian peppertree, avenca, chuchuhuasi, vassourinha, macela, gervâo, epazote, maca, jergon sacha, tayuya, balsam, cat's claw

Amyloidosis: mullaca, vassourinha, simarouba, anamu, Brazilian peppertree, suma, graviola, cat's claw

Alzheimer's Disease: samambaia, cat's claw, velvet bean, catuaba, sarsaparilla, guaraná, damiana, mulungu, simarouba, suma, yerba mate, anamu

Anal Warts: sangre de grado, vassourinha, bitter melon, clavillia, pau d'arco, macela, Brazilian peppertree, jergon sacha

Anemia: carqueja, jurubeba, amargo, chanca piedra, camu camu, maca, erva tostão, vassourinha, fedegoso, acerola, artichoke, suma, nettle, espinheira santa, simarouba, pau d'arco, quinine

Angina: mulungu, abuta, Brazilian peppertree, embauba, picão preto, epazote, carqueja, cat's claw

Anorexia: amargo, samambaia, jatoba, jurubeba, boldo, damiana, sarsaparilla, clavo huasca, quinine, carqueja, simarouba, passionflower, yerba mate

Anxiety: mulungu, passionflower, tayuya, manacá, damiana, catuaba, damiana, graviola, guava, muira puama, velvet bean, suma, anamu, curare

Arrhythmia: Brazilian peppertree, quinine, guava, mulungu, abuta

Arteriosclerosis / Atherosclerosis: macela, cat's claw, artichoke, yerba mate, acerola, guaco, guaraná, camu camu, bitter melon, suma, vassourinha, sarsaparilla

Arthritis: amor seco, cat's claw, guaco, iporuru, tayuya, picão preto, chuchuhuasi, nettle, mulungu, scarlet bush, gervâo, kalanchoe, samambaia, anamu, manacá, pau d'arco, mullaca, sarsaparilla, vassourinha, graviola, cipó cabeludo, suma, copaiba (topical), andiroba (topical)

Arthritis, rheumatoid: See Autoimmune Disorders

Asthma: amor seco, embauba, avenca, guaco, mutamba, samambaia, jatoba, mullaca, gervâo, abuta, macela, nettle, kalanchoe, chuchuhuasi, mulungu, bitter melon, espinheira santa, epazote, fedegoso, anamu, balsam, damiana

Athlete's Foot: jatoba, sangre de grado, copaiba, pau d'arco, Brazilian peppertree, fedegoso, anamu, mulateiro, scarlet bush, juazeiro

Autoimmune Disorders: mullaca, anamu, macela, fedegoso, cat's claw, samambaia, clavillia, Brazilian peppertree, erva tostão, picão preto, pau d'arco, velvet bean, nettle, suma, sarsaparilla

Back Injuries/Pain: tayuya, iporuru, cat's claw, guaco, amor seco, mulungu, manacá, picão preto, vassourinha, scarlet bush, gervâo, chuchuhuasi, sarsaparilla, cipó cabeludo, pau d'arco, copaiba (topical), kalanchoe (topical), andiroba (topical)

Bacterial Infections (general): picão preto, mullaca, anamu, mutamba, embauba, Brazilian peppertree, guava, fedegoso, picão preto, sangre de grado, sarsaparilla, kalanchoe, macela, graviola, erva tostão, annatto, avenca, simarouba, vassourinha, guaco, bitter melon, cashew, clavillia, copaiba, juazeiro, mulateiro, scarlet bush, pau d'arco, chanca piedra, guacatonga, stevia, balsam

Bed Sores:sangre de grado, copaiba, gervâo, anamu, annatto, scarlet bush

Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy: nettle, mutamba, jatoba, vassourinha, cipó cabeludo, graviola, damiana, chanca piedra, pau d'arco

Bladder Disorders: jatoba, pau d'arco, abuta, anamu, chanca piedra, cipó cabeludo, erva tostão, fedegoso, annatto, clavillia, Brazilian peppertree, amor seco

Blennorrhagia: picão preto, erva tostão, jatoba, amor seco, chanca piedra, mutamba, embauba, vassourinha, amargo, cipó cabeludo, Brazilian peppertree, manacá, abuta, tayuya

Bloating: jurubeba, amargo, artichoke, simarouba, boldo, carqueja, bitter melon, gervâo, epazote, quinine, clavo huasca

Boils: anamu, guaco, mullaca, clavillia, mutamba, copaiba (topical), picão preto, fedegoso, mulateiro, pau d'arco, annatto (topical), scarlet bush, (topical)

Bowel Disorders: cat's claw, boldo, macela, jurubeba, sangre de grado, simarouba, tayuya, anamu, mutamba, artichoke, bitter melon, carqueja, gervâo, guaco, cipó cabeludo, clavillia, epazote, annatto

Breathing Problems: embauba, amor seco, avenca, samambaia, guaco, mullaca, mutamba, guava, nettle, picão preto, gervâo, macela, jatoba, pau d'arco, abuta

Bronchitis: picão preto, embauba, guaco, samambaia, amor seco, avenca, jergon sacha, bitter melon, simarouba, gervâo, fedegoso, anamu, jatoba, mullaca, mutamba Brazilian peppertree, macela, abuta, clavillia, epazote, juazeiro

Burns: scarlet bush, kalanchoe, sangre de grado, andiroba, mulateiro, juazeiro, sarsaparilla, nettle, mutamba, annatto

Bursitis: cat's claw, iporuru, chuchuhuasi, amor seco, tayuya, picão preto, guaco, gervâo, nettle, sarsaparilla

Cancer: graviola, espinheira santa, mullaca, mutamba, vassourinha, bitter melon, guacatonga, simarouba, cat's claw, anamu, pau d'arco, fedegoso, sangre de grado, suma, amargo, copaiba

Candida (yeast infections): jatoba, pau d'arco, clavillia, anamu, fedegoso, Brazilian peppertree, graviola, sangre de grado, andiroba (topical), copaiba (topical), mulateiro (topical), guaco, guava

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: manacá, mulungu, iporuru, tayuya, amor seco, pau d'arco, kalanchoe

Cartilage Disorders: tayuya, cat's claw, iporuru, maca, acerola, camu camu

Cataract: bitter melon, jaborandi, annatto, erva tostão, fedegoso, gervâo, Brazilian peppertree, acerola, camu camu, cat's claw

Catarrh: amor seco, jatoba, avenca, mutamba, balsam, nettle, guaco, cipó cabeludo, graviola, erva tostão, picão preto, chanca piedra

Cavities, Dental: stevia, juazeiro, anamu, cashew

Celiac Disease: cat's claw, macela, anamu, boldo, sangre de grado, jurubeba, simarouba, tayuya, gervâo

Cellulite: andiroba (topical), chá de bugre

Cellulitis: anamu, fedegoso, bitter melon, mullaca, clavillia, scarlet bush, sarsaparilla, Brazilian peppertree, picão preto, gervâo, simarouba, amor seco, cat's claw

Central Nervous System Disorders: manacá, kalanchoe, passionflower, mulungu, damiana, muira puama, guava, guaraná, catuaba, yerba mate, velvet bean, vassourinha

Cervical Dysplasia: abuta, graviola, andiroba, cat's claw, anamu, fedegoso, erva tostão, bitter melon, clavillia, macela, jergon sacha, gervâo, chuchuhuasi, mullaca

Chagas Disease: epazote, guaco, mullaca, macela, anamu, pau d'arco, clavillia, embauba, copaiba, carqueja, andiroba

Chickenpox: mullaca, bitter melon, vassourinha, jergon sacha, macela, clavillia, chanca piedra, cat's claw, sangre de grado (topical), copaiba (topical)

Childbirth: abuta, anamu, avenca, bitter melon, embauba, scarlet bush, vassourinha, mutamba, sangre de grado, picão preto, gervâo

Cholecystitis: see Gallbladder and Bile Duct Diseases

Cholelithiasis: see Gallstones

Cholesterol, Triglycerides: Elevated - artichoke, bitter melon, boldo, velvet bean, chanca piedra, guava, carqueja, yerba mate, suma, sarsaparilla, vassourinha, maca, cat's claw, annatto, acerola, andiroba

Cholera: mutamba, guava, anamu, guaco, erva tostão, sangre de grado

Chorea: guava, embauba, epazote

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome: cat's claw, mullaca, anamu, fedegoso, jergon sacha, chuchuhuasi, maca, pau d'arco, catuaba, clavillia, sarsaparilla, jatoba, guaraná, yerba mate, suma, macela, muira puama, mutamba, gervâo, erva tostão

Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: embauba, abuta, amor seco, avenca, jatoba, samambaia, cat's claw, macela, epazote, gervâo, guaco, mullaca, mutamba

Cirrhosis: erva tostão, chanca piedra, carqueja, boldo, picão preto, artichoke, guaco, fedegoso, gervâo

Cold Sores: See Herpes simplex

Colds & Flu: picão preto, fedegoso, mullaca, amor seco, mutamba, Brazilian peppertree, bitter melon, clavillia, gervâo, guava, simarouba, guaco, macela, jergon sacha, kalanchoe, anamu, avenca, pau d'arco, samambaia, balsam, acerola, camu camu, cat's claw

Colic: guava, jurubeba, amor seco, passionflower, boldo, cashew, damiana

Colitis: cat's claw, boldo, simarouba, macela, picão preto, anamu, gervâo, tayuya, sangre de grado, cipó cabeludo, clavillia, jurubeba, amor seco

Colon Polyps: graviola, mutamba, sangre de grado, cat's claw, bitter melon, mullaca, vassourinha

Conjunctivitis: annatto (topical), picão preto, guava, vassourinha, Brazilian peppertree, epazote, sarsaparilla, fedegoso, clavillia, abuta

Constipation: jatoba, annatto, fedegoso, artichoke, graviola, boldo, clavillia, epazote

Convulsions: erva tostão, amor seco, abuta, mulungu, nettle, graviola, manacá, annatto, tayuya, anamu, guava, kalanchoe, macela, passionflower

Cough: guaco, embauba, amor seco, passionflower, guava, samambaia, avenca, mutamba, balsam, jatoba, picão preto, gervâo, jergon sacha, vassourinha, epazote, juazeiro, kalanchoe, macela, velvet bean

Crohn's Disease: cat's claw, sangre de grado, macela, boldo, mullaca, fedegoso, carqueja, anamu, Brazilian peppertree, clavillia, gervâo, guaco, cipó cabeludo, simarouba, tayuya, abuta, artichoke

Croup: avenca, embauba, jergon sacha, mutamba, guaco, balsam, epazote, guava, gervâo, samambaia

Cuts & Wounds: sangre de grado, scarlet bush, cat's claw, nettle, andiroba, juazeiro, copaiba, balsam, Brazilian peppertree, espinheira santa, sarsaparilla, guacatonga, guaco, picão preto

Cystic Fibrosis: amor seco, samambaia, nettle, embauba, gervâo, picão preto, abuta, erva tostão, amargo

Cystitis: See Interstitial Cystitis

Dandruff: copaiba, juazeiro, avenca, nettle, quinine, guaraná, balsam, brazil nut, artichoke

Degenerative Nerve Diseases: sangre de grado, samambaia, cat's claw, sarsaparilla, guaraná, velvet bean, passionflower, mulungu, tayuya, manacá, pau d'arco, yerba mate, picão preto

Dementia: see Memory Disorders

Dengue Fever: simarouba, amargo, jergon sacha, mullaca, anamu, chanca piedra, bitter melon manacá, kalanchoe, guaco, scarlet bush, juazeiro, vassourinha

Depression: mulungu, tayuya, passionflower, muira puama, damiana, graviola, cat's claw, Brazilian peppertree, yerba mate

Dermatitis: Internal: samambaia, pau d'arco, cat's claw, sarsaparilla, boldo, fedegoso, tayuya, suma External: andiroba, copaiba, scarlet bush, sangre de grado, juazeiro, mutamba, guacatonga, mulateiro, balsam, annatto

Diabetes: pata de vaca, pedra hume caá, bitter melon, chanca piedra, stevia, annatto, chuchuhuasi, embauba, guava, macela, mullaca, mutamba, vassourinha, carqueja, anamu

Diabetic Kidney Problems: chanca piedra, erva tostão, sarsaparilla, also see Kidney Diseases (General)

Diabetic Macular Degeneration: chanca piedra, pedra hume caá, chuchuhuasi, annatto

Diabetic Neuropathy: sangre de grado, chanca piedra, pedra hume caá, chuchuhuasi, tayuya, annatto

Diaper Rash: andiroba, scarlet bush, copaiba, guava

Diarrhea: sangre de grado, amargo, simarouba, guava, bitter melon, Brazilian peppertree, carqueja, cashew, fedegoso, epazote, anamu

Digestive Disorders: artichoke, carqueja, jurubeba, espinheira santa, boldo, erva tostão, guacatonga, sangre de grado, amargo, quinine, cipó cabeludo, simarouba, annatto, bitter melon, cat's claw, gervâo, amor seco, picão preto

Diphtheria: mutamba, embauba, picão preto, mullaca, anamu, Brazilian peppertree, fedegoso, macela, avenca, guava, annatto, kalanchoe, erva tostão, simarouba, vassourinha, guaco, cashew, copaiba, jaborandi

Diverticulitis: cat's claw, boldo, abuta, sangre de grado, jurubeba, macela, tayuya, passionflower, gervâo, anamu

Dry Eye Syndrome: jaborandi

Dysentery: simarouba, amargo, guava, sangre de grado, epazote, erva tostão, Brazilian peppertree, cashew, mutamba, anamu, clavillia, fedegoso, gervâo

Dysmenorrhagia (painful menstruation): abuta, erva tostão, vassourinha, amor seco, tayuya, iporuru, manacá, chuchuhuasi, passionflower, scarlet bush

Dyspepsia: See Indigestion

E. coli Infections: anamu, guava, macela, bitter melon, mutamba, embauba, sangre de grado, jatoba, catuaba, kalanchoe, annatto

Ear Infections /Earaches: annatto (topical), gervâo, (topical), clavillia, fedegoso, vassourinha, mullaca, guava (topical), boldo, kalanchoe (topical), picão preto, cashew

Eating Disorders: amargo, quinine, guava, sarsaparilla, damiana, simarouba, boldo, carqueja, jurubeba, artichoke

Eczema: sarsaparilla, andiroba, tayuya, samambaia, bitter melon, sangre de grado, copaiba, balsam, nettles, clavillia, cashew, guacatonga (topical), gervâo, guaco, vassourinha, pau d'arco, cat's claw, boldo, suma, fedegoso

Edema: chanca piedra, annatto, kalanchoe, chá de bugre, erva tostão, nettle, amor seco, anamu, guacatonga, Brazilian peppertree, jaborandi, curare, picão preto, jurubeba, carqueja

Elephantiasis: mutamba, pata de vaca, sarsaparilla, nettles, samambaia

Emphysema: jatoba, macela, anamu, embauba, manacá, samambaia, avenca, amor seco, epazote, gervâo, guaco, mullaca, mutamba

Encephalitis: simarouba, amargo, jergon sacha, mullaca, anamu, chanca piedra, bitter melon manacá, kalanchoe, guaco, scarlet bush, juazeiro, vassourinha

Endocrine Disorders: maca, sarsaparilla, abuta, chuchuhuasi, damiana, suma, muira puama, catuaba, nettle

Endometriosis: abuta, graviola, tayuya, iporuru, gervâo, chuchuhuasi, erva tostão, cat's claw

Enteritis: see Gastritis/Gastroenteritis

Epilepsy: mulungu, manacá, amor seco, passionflower, catuaba, muira puama, graviola, tayuya

Epstein-Barr Virus: bitter melon, tayuya, cat's claw, suma, Brazilian peppertree, mullaca, jergon sacha, macela, chanca piedra, vassourinha, clavillia

Erectile Dysfunction: see Impotency

Erysipelas: vassourinha, gervâo, mutamba, jurubeba, fedegoso, scarlet bush, Brazilian peppertree, annatto, copaiba, fedegoso, anamu, erva tostão, kalanchoe, abuta, nettle

Eye Diseases: annatto, cashew, guava, jaborandi

Fatigue: jatoba, maca, guaraná, chuchuhuasi, yerba mate, suma, catuaba, muira puama, sarsaparilla

Fatty Liver: chanca piedra, artichoke, boldo, erva tostão, fedegoso, carqueja, picão preto, gervâo

Fever: juazeiro, scarlet bush, manacá, vassourinha, kalanchoe, velvet bean, nettle, boldo, quinine, amargo, curare, guaco, mutamba, simarouba

Fibroids: see Uterine Fibroids

Fibromyalgia: mullaca, anamu, macela, Brazilian peppertree, clavillia, manacá, chuchuhuasi, fedegoso, gervâo, tayuya, iporuru, muira puama, mulungu, amor seco, passionflower

Fistulas: guaco, erva tostão, fedegoso, picão preto, anamu, epazote, graviola, samambaia, clavillia

Flatulence: jurubeba, epazote, bitter melon, carqueja, espinheira santa, copaiba, boldo, chanca piedra, kalanchoe, macela, artichoke

Fractures: embauba, nettle, epazote, sangre de grado, clavillia, Brazilian peppertree, scarlet bush, kalanchoe

Fungal Infections: jatoba, pau d'arco, anamu, fedegoso, picão preto, copaiba, sangre de grado, mulateiro, Brazilian peppertree, clavillia, graviola, guava, kalanchoe, scarlet bush, picão preto, embauba, guacatonga, vassourinha

Gallbladder and Bile Duct Diseases: artichoke, boldo, chanca piedra, erva tostão, amargo, carqueja, jurubeba, macela, abuta, avenca, balsam, bitter melon, fedegoso, gervâo

Gallstones: chanca piedra, boldo, carqueja, avenca, amargo, artichoke, cipó cabeludo, jurubeba, macela, erva tostão

Gastritis & Gastroenteritis: jurubeba, carqueja, espinheira santa, guava, macela, boldo, epazote, picão preto, gervâo, guaco, sangre de grado, cat's claw, simarouba, amargo, pedra hume caá, tayuya, sarsaparilla

Gastrointestinal Bleeding: sangre de grado, Brazilian peppertree, abuta, carqueja, erva tostão, picão preto, cashew, mutamba, simarouba

Genital Warts: see Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)

Giardia Infections: guava, simarouba, anamu, mutamba

Glaucoma: jaborandi

Gonorrhea: mutamba, pau d'arco, picão preto, annatto, bitter melon, boldo, Brazilian peppertree, clavillia, embauba, chanca piedra, erva tostão, cat's claw, copaiba, curare, jaborandi

Gout: chanca piedra, carqueja, cipó cabeludo, tayuya, boldo, artichoke, epazote, manacá, guaco, sarsaparilla, jergon sacha, velvet bean, bitter melon, picão preto, yerba mate, chuchuhuasi, Brazilian peppertree, balsam

Gum Diseases: Brazilian peppertree, anamu, mulungu, macela, guava, samambaia, cat's claw, fedegoso, pau d'arco, gervâo, juazeiro, clavillia

Hair Loss: see Alopecia

Hangover: jurubeba

Hay Fever: see Allergies

Head Lice: amargo, andiroba, balsam, fedegoso, graviola (seeds), nettle

Headache: iporuru, tayuya, manacá, vassourinha, mulungu, pau d'arco, amor seco, scarlet bush, passionflower, kalanchoe, guaco, gervâo, guaraná, muira puama, chuchuhuasi, damiana, abuta, cat's claw
Heart Diseases (General): abuta, avenca, Brazilian peppertree, embauba, chá de bugre, cat's claw, guaraná, graviola, guava, mulungu, gervâo, artichoke, jurubeba, yerba mate, suma, vassourinha, sarsaparilla, chanca piedra, picão preto, stevia, quinine, boldo, bitter melon, samambaia, erva tostão

Heart Palpitations: mulungu, Brazilian peppertree, quinine, abuta, guava

Heart Valve Diseases: mullaca, Brazilian peppertree, anamu, clavillia, macela, fedegoso, tayuya, iporuru

Heartburn/Reflux: carqueja, espinheira santa, guacatonga, boldo, epazote, guaco, gervâo, picão preto, annatto, jergon sacha

Heat Stroke: scarlet bush, guaraná, manacá, kalanchoe, mulateiro, mutamba

Helicobacter pylori Stomach Ulcers: carqueja, pau d'arco, cashew, bitter melon (fruit), balsam, copaiba, guacatonga

Hemochromatosis: damiana, mulungu, manacá

Hemorrhages: abuta, sangre de grado, Brazilian peppertree, erva tostão, mutamba, picão preto, annatto, pedra hume caá, scarlet bush, simarouba, kalanchoe, juazeiro

Hemorrhagic Fevers: embauba, guava, epazote, Brazilian peppertree, clavillia, mutamba, erva tostão, scarlet bush

Hemorrhoids: sangre de grado, Brazilian peppertree, copaiba, vassourinha, epazote, erva tostão, passionflower, picão preto, chuchuhuasi, artichoke, quinine, yerba mate, nettle

Hepatitis: chanca piedra, jergon sacha, mullaca, anamu, macela, sangre de grado, clavillia, fedegoso, bitter melon, vassourinha, mutamba, erva tostão, gervâo, carqueja, picão preto, mulungu

Hernia: jergon sacha, mulungu, fedegoso, pau d'arco, tayuya, iporuru

Herniated Disk: iporuru, tayuya, chuchuhuasi, amor seco, gervâo, guaco, picão preto, kalanchoe, sarsaparilla

Herpes Simplex (I & II): jergon sacha, sangre de grado, mullaca, vassourinha, mutamba, simarouba, bitter melon, clavillia, pau d'arco, chá de bugre, macela, carqueja, chanca piedra, guacatonga, embauba, andiroba

Herpes Zoster (Shingles): cat's claw, jergon sacha, mullaca, sangre de grado, pau d'arco, bitter melon, vassourinha, gervâo, clavillia, macela, passionflower

Hiatal Hernia: carqueja, guaco, guacatonga, espinheira santa, sangre de grado, tayuya, gervâo, picão preto, boldo, jergon sacha, epazote, annatto

High Blood Pressure: abuta, graviola, chanca piedra, picão preto, erva tostão, Brazilian peppertree, embauba, stevia, mulungu, mutamba, fedegoso, guava, carqueja, passionflower, vassourinha, jurubeba, nettle


Hives: nettle, kalanchoe, guaco, amor seco, pau d'arco, gervâo, picão preto, carqueja, sangre de grado (topical), andiroba (topical) (also see Allergies)

Hodgkin's Disease: bitter melon, graviola, pau d'arco, mullaca, vassourinha, anamu, mutamba, cat's claw, espinheira santa, simarouba, suma

Hot Flashes: manacá, scarlet bush, vassourinha, kalanchoe

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV): andiroba, bitter melon, sangre de grado, jergon sacha, copaiba, vassourinha, clavillia, cat's claw, macela, mullaca, chanca piedra

Huntington's Disease: velvet bean, guava, embauba, epazote, mulungu, manacá, samambaia, cat's claw

Hypertension: see High Blood Pressure

Immune System Disorders: cat's claw, anamu, mullaca, fedegoso, samambaia, macela, suma, chuchuhuasi, sarsaparilla, bitter melon, acerola, camu camu, erva tostão

Impetigo: sangre de grado, pau d'arco, anamu, mullaca, embauba, clavillia, fedegoso, copaiba (topical), andiroba (topical), annatto (topical), kalanchoe (topical)

Impotence: muira puama, velvet bean, catuaba, damiana, nettle, sarsaparilla, iporuru, suma, maca, macela, amor seco, mutamba, cashew

Indigestion: jurubeba, artichoke, amargo, espinheira santa, carqueja, boldo, damiana, gervâo, picão preto, guacatonga, bitter melon, passionflower, guaco, quinine, simarouba

Infectious Mononucleosis: picão preto, fedegoso, mullaca, Brazilian peppertree, mutamba, guaco, bitter melon, cat's claw, clavillia, anamu, jergon sacha, suma, macela

Infertility, Female: maca, abuta, suma, chuchuhuasi, iporuru

Infertility, Male: maca, velvet bean, catuaba, chuchuhuasi, muira puama, sarsaparilla

Inflammatory Conditions: iporuru, guaco, amor seco, tayuya, cat's claw, chuchuhuasi, guaco, copaiba, embauba, manacá, mulungu, erva tostão, scarlet bush, picão preto, samambaia, abuta, kalanchoe, gervâo, nettle, passionflower, pau d'arco, guacatonga, juazeiro, anamu, andiroba, boldo, carqueja, cashew, fedegoso, jurubeba, macela, sangre de grado, sarsaparilla, suma, vassourinha, velvet bean

Influenza: See Colds & Flu

Insect Bites and Stings: sangre de grado, guacatonga, guaco, scarlet bush, copaiba, kalanchoe, jergon sacha, embauba, vassourinha, amargo, mulateiro, picão preto, gervâo, abuta

Insect Repellant: andiroba, amargo, mulateiro, clavillia, simarouba, annatto, fedegoso, guaco, Brazilian peppertree, quinine, cashew, aveloz

Insomnia: manacá, mulungu, passionflower, catuaba, boldo, graviola, kalanchoe

Interstitial Cystitis: jatoba, copaiba, boldo, cipó cabeludo, pau d'arco, erva tostão, annatto, anamu, chanca piedra, Brazilian peppertree, abuta, samambaia, picão preto, sarsaparilla, pata de vaca, jurubeba, artichoke, mulungu, nettle

Intestinal Parasites: amargo, simarouba, epazote, boldo, fedegoso, carqueja, quinine, andiroba, balsam, graviola, bitter melon, gervâo, erva tostão

Irritable Bowel Syndrome: cat's claw, macela, sangre de grado, boldo, artichoke, jurubeba, simarouba, tayuya, anamu, abuta, fedegoso, gervâo, guaco, mullaca

Itching: andiroba, sangre de grado, nettle, kalanchoe, scarlet bush, artichoke, guaco, chanca piedra, guava, fedegoso, picão preto, gervâo, balsam, bitter melon, vassourinha, pau d'arco

Jaundice: chanca piedra, artichoke, erva tostão, boldo, fedegoso, carqueja, picão preto, avenca, abuta, vassourinha, scarlet bush, bitter melon, annatto, jurubeba, guava, curare

Jock Itch: See Fungal Infections

Kidney Disorders (General): chanca piedra, erva tostão, cipó cabeludo, vassourinha, mutamba, amor seco, nettle, amargo, jatoba, picão preto, samambaia, copaiba, abuta, carqueja, anamu, mullaca, sarsaparilla, damiana, cat's claw, annatto, fedegoso, gervâo, pata de vaca, curare

Kidney Failure & Dialysis: erva tostão, chanca piedra, samambaia, sarsaparilla, cat's claw

Kidney Stones: chanca piedra, amargo, abuta, boldo, kalanchoe, bitter melon, curare, avenca, cipó cabeludo, erva tostão, gervâo, pata de vaca

Laryngitis: guaco, sangre de grado, picão preto, avenca, guava, jatoba, amor seco, cat's claw, macela, balsam, epazote, jaborandi

Leukemia: mullaca, picão preto, vassourinha, simarouba, cipó cabeludo, anamu, suma, pau d'arco, cat's claw, bitter melon, espinheira santa, amargo, graviola

Leprosy: sarsaparilla, mutamba, guacatonga, bitter melon, fedegoso, vassourinha, andiroba, clavillia, tayuya, nettle, pata de vaca

Leishmaniasis: cashew, pau d'arco, chuchuhuasi, graviola, sarsaparilla, copaiba, kalanchoe

Lice: See Head Lice

Lipomas: espinheira santa, artichoke, embauba, andiroba (topical), sangre de grado (topical), vassourinha, erva tostão, picão preto, fedegoso mullaca, cat's claw

Listeria Infections: anamu, pau d'arco, mullaca

Liver Disorders (General): erva tostão, picão preto, carqueja, fedegoso, boldo, chanca piedra, gervâo, artichoke, amargo, macela, jurubeba, mulungu, guaco, annatto, avenca, epazote

Lupus: see Autoimmune Disorders

Lymphatic Diseases: manacá, sarsaparilla, kalanchoe, jergon sacha, cat's claw, suma, gervâo, guaco, espinheira santa, graviola

Macular Degeneration: see Diabetic Macular Degeneration

Malaria: quinine, simarouba, amargo, vassourinha, epazote, fedegoso, graviola, guava, pau d'arco, picão preto, andiroba, chanca piedra, abuta, erva tostão

Measles: mullaca, amargo, sarsaparilla, clavillia, jergon sacha, macela, epazote, vassourinha, chanca piedra, sangre de grado (topical)

Memory Disorders: samambaia, catuaba, sarsaparilla, guaraná, suma, anamu, velvet bean, cat's claw, maca, muira puama, damiana, epazote

Men's Health (General): muira puama, sarsaparilla, catuaba, chuchuhuasi, mutamba, suma, cipó cabeludo, velvet bean, cat's claw

Menopause: abuta, espinheira santa, damiana, suma, sarsaparilla, chuchuhuasi, kalanchoe, mulungu, avenca, bitter melon, clavo huasca, maca, passionflower

Menorrhagia (excessive menstruation): abuta, Brazilian peppertree, erva tostão, vassourinha, sarsaparilla, nettle, velvet bean, chanca piedra

Menstrual Cramps: abuta, manacá, amor seco, mulungu, iporuru, tayuya, passionflower, vassourinha, kalanchoe, scarlet bush

Metrorrhagia (bleeding between periods): abuta, damiana, nettles, sarsaparilla, espinheira santa, suma, vassourinha, maca

Migraine: manacá, iporuru, passionflower, tayuya, pau d'arco, mulungu, guaraná, scarlet bush, vassourinha, kalanchoe

Molds: jatoba, Brazilian peppertree, anamu, pau d'arco, clavillia, fedegoso

Molluscum contagiosum: sangre de grado, bitter melon, clavillia, mullaca, macela, vassourinha, jergon sacha, copaiba

Morning sickness: jurubeba

Mouth Ulcers: sangre de grado, guaco, Brazilian peppertree, pau d'arco, jatoba, clavillia, mutamba, copaiba (topical), fedegoso, anamu, bitter melon, mullaca, macela, jergon sacha, vassourinha, carqueja

Multiple Myeloma: graviola, mullaca, bitter melon, cat's claw, espinheira santa, guacatonga, vassourinha, mutamba, anamu, simarouba, amargo, suma

Multiple Sclerosis: jergon sacha, mullaca, macela, sangre de grado, tayuya, iporuru, manacá, pau d'arco, amor seco, mulungu, bitter melon, clavillia, vassourinha, gervâo

Mumps: clavillia, velvet bean, jergon sacha, cat's claw, bitter melon, jergon sacha, macela, mullaca, vassourinha

Muscle Aches: scarlet bush (topical), copaiba (topical), amor seco, iporuru, cat's claw, tayuya, chuchuhuasi, kalanchoe, vassourinha, sarsaparilla, guaco, picão preto, gervâo, abuta

Muscle Cramps/Spasms: amor seco, abuta, vassourinha, manacá, iporuru, mulungu, embauba, passionflower, graviola, macela, kalanchoe, erva tostão, fedegoso, gervâo, quinine, mutamba, mullaca, velvet bean, amargo, scarlet bush

Nausea and Vomiting: jurubeba, artichoke, gervâo, guava, fedegoso, carqueja, kalanchoe, macela, mullaca, boldo

Nephritis: chanca piedra, erva tostão, cipó cabeludo, sarsaparilla, mutamba, mullaca, guava, artichoke, abuta, picão preto, jatoba, damiana, jaborandi

Nervousness: see Anxiety

Neuralgia: manacá, sangre de grado, passionflower, mulungu, iporuru, tayuya, pau d'arco, macela, guaco, catuaba, gervâo, muira puama, guaraná, chuchuhuasi, cipó cabeludo, gervâo, quinine, abuta, nettle

Neurologic Diseases (General): mulungu, manacá, passionflower, velvet bean, damiana, muira puama, sarsaparilla, samambaia, sangre de grado, cat's claw, guaraná, catuaba, bitter melon

Neuromuscular Disorders: abuta, iporuru, tayuya, amor seco, passionflower, cat's claw, chuchuhuasi, picão preto, sarsaparilla, guaco, gervâo

Neuropathy: sangre de grado, chuchuhuasi, cat's claw, muira puama, annatto

Obesity: chá de bugre, guaraná, picão preto, yerba mate, carqueja, jurubeba, stevia

Osteoarthritis: cat's claw, tayuya, iporuru, chuchuhuasi, amor seco, picão preto, gervâo, sarsaparilla, guaco

Osteomyelitis: anamu, vassourinha, mullaca, simarouba, fedegoso, Brazilian peppertree, amor seco, picão preto, gervâo, bitter melon, macela, cat's claw (also see Bacterial Infections)

Otitis Media: see Ear Infections

Pancreatitis: boldo, jergon sacha, artichoke, samambaia, picão preto, mullaca, mutamba, anamu, chanca piedra, nettle, epazote

Parasites (skin): amargo, andiroba, balsam, mutamba, mulateiro, juazeiro, kalanchoe, epazote, bitter melon, guaco

Parkinson's Disease: velvet bean, embauba, mulungu, passionflower, manacá, pau d'arco, suma

Peptic Ulcer: gervâo, carqueja, espinheira santa, guacatonga, cat's claw, bitter melon, epazote, jurubeba, picão preto, copaiba, sangre de grado, boldo

Pertussis: see Whooping Cough

Pharyngitis: guaco, sangre de grado, picão preto, scarlet bush, avenca, guava, pau d'arco, amor seco, cat's claw, macela, balsam

Pinworms: see Intestinal Parasites

Pityriasis Rosea: see Dermatitis

Pleurisy: guaco, avenca, samambaia, copaiba, nettle, anamu, sarsaparilla, epazote, jaborandi (Also see Bacterial and Viral Infections)

PMS: damiana, manacá, mulungu, muira puama, suma, sarsaparilla, suma, passionflower, guaraná

Pneumonia - bacterial (Streptococcus & Klebsiella pneumoniae): embauba, mutamba, picão preto, kalanchoe, avenca, guava, pau d'arco, erva tostão, macela, fedegoso, Brazilian peppertree, mullaca, cat's claw, guaco, simarouba, gervâo, samambaia

Pneumonia - fungal (Pneumocystis carinii): embauba, jatoba, pau d'arco, kalanchoe, anamu, fedegoso, picão preto, guava, Brazilian peppertree, mutamba, copaiba, sarsparilla, scarlet bush

Pneumonia - mycoplasmal (Mycoplasma pneumonia): mullaca, macela, anamu, Brazilian peppertree, clavillia, fedegoso, embauba

Pneumonoa - viral (several strains): jergon sacha, vassourinha, mutamba, mullaca, anamu, macela, bitter melon, sangre de grado, pau d'arco, picão preto, embauba

Poison Ivy: sangre de grado (topical) andiroba (topical), gervâo, guaco, nettle, picão preto, pau d'arco

Prostatitis: jatoba, nettle, cipó cabeludo, mutamba, pau d'arco, Brazilian peppertree, chanca piedra, curare, artichoke, cat's claw

Psoriasis: samambaia, pau d'arco, fedegoso, sarsaparilla, cat's claw, suma, mullaca, boldo, bitter melon, cashew, jaborandi, andiroba (topical), copaiba (topical)

Respiratory Disorders (General): embauba, guaco, kalanchoe, avenca, vassourinha, samambaia, amor seco, Brazilian peppertree, jatoba, balsam, anamu, pau d'arco, picão preto, gervâo, mutamba, guava, espinheira santa, sarsaparilla, nettle, epazote, jergon sacha, juazeiro

Rheumatism: cat's claw, iporuru, chuchuhuasi, embauba, picão preto, tayuya, gervâo, vassourinha, mulungu, abuta, guaco, manacá, sarsaparilla, nettle, amor seco, samambaia, fedegoso, pau d'arco, scarlet bush, anamu, kalanchoe, suma, cipó cabeludo

Rheumatoid Arthritis: see Autoimmune Disorders

Rhinitis: see Allergies

Ringworm: jatoba, fedegoso, sangre de grado, copaiba, pau d'arco, anamu, balsam, Brazilian peppertree, clavillia, epazote, bitter melon, chanca piedra, velvet bean

Rosacea: mullaca, samambaia, pau d'arco, cat's claw, sarsaparilla, suma, pata de vaca, boldo, fedegoso

Salivary Gland Disorders: jaborandi, espinheira santa, amargo, picão preto, Brazilian peppertree

Salmonella Infections: simarouba, guava, embauba, bitter melon, erva tostão, macela, picão preto, abuta, guaraná

Sarcoidosis: samambaia, embauba, graviola (also see Autoimmune Disorders)

Scabies: amargo, bitter melon, andiroba, balsam, mutamba, fedegoso, pau d'arco, guava, scarlet bush, jergon sacha, mulateiro, copaiba, kalanchoe, amor seco

Scars: sangre de grado, andiroba, copaiba, samambaia, sarsaparilla

Schistosomiasis: pau d'arco, cipó cabeludo, macela, graviola (seeds), bitter melon, epazote, cashew, jatoba, guacatonga, pata de vaca, copaiba

Sciatica: tayuya, manacá, iporuru, mulungu, pau d'arco, quinine, kalanchoe, muira puama

Scleroderma: see Autoimmune Disorders

Sclerosis: picão preto, erva tostão, avenca, cat's claw, balsam

Scrofula: mullaca, anamu, clavillia, macela, fedegoso, Brazilian peppertree, amargo, sarsaparilla, samambaia, manacá, cashew, tayuya

Seborrhea: copaiba, juazeiro, guaraná, mulateiro, sarsaparilla, andiroba, tayuya, samambaia, bitter melon

Seizures: amor seco, mulungu, manacá, passionflower

Senility: see Memory Disorders

Sepsis: see Bacterial Infections

Sexual Dysfunction Female: clavo huasca, catuaba, abuta, damiana, suma, chuchuhuasi, velvet bean, maca, sarsaparilla, vassourinha, simarouba

Sexual Dysfunction Male:  muira puama, catuaba, nettle, velvet bean, sarsaparilla, mutamba, iporuru, damiana, maca, amor seco, macela, cashew

Shingles: See Herpes Zoster

Sickle Cell Anemia: suma

Sinusitis: amor seco, nettle, kalanchoe, gervâo, guaco, carqueja, jatoba, pau d'arco, picão preto, yerba mate, bitter melon, cat's claw, samambaia

Skin Rash: see Dermatitis

Sleep Disorders: manacá, mulungu, kalanchoe, passionflower, vassourinha, graviola

Snake Bite: jergon sacha, guaco, guacatonga, picão preto, tayuya, velvet bean, annatto, amargo, curare

Sore Throat: guaco, guava, sangre de grado, vassourinha, copaiba, picão preto, scarlet bush, samambaia, carqueja, fedegoso, cashew, abuta, pau d'arco, andiroba, juazeiro, kalanchoe, epazote, balsam

Spastic Colon: See Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Spleen Disorders: erva tostão, mulungu, carqueja, jurubeba, nettle, tayuya, avenca, artichoke, bitter melon, graviola, quinine

Sprains and Strains: tayuya, iporuru, embauba, manacá, abuta, amor seco, mulungu, cat's claw, chuchuhuasi, vassourinha, kalanchoe, cipó cabeludo, pau d'arco, amargo, gervâo, sarsaparilla, scarlet bush (topical), copaiba (topical), macela (topical)

Staphylococcus Infections: mutamba, mullaca, anamu, macela, copaiba, erva tostão, bitter melon, guava, avenca, Brazilian peppertree, pau d'arco, kalanchoe, mulungu, annatto, chanca piedra

Stomach Ulcers: see Helicobacter pylori Ulcers and Peptic Ulcers

Stretch Marks: andiroba (topical), copaiba (topical), sangre de grado (topical), brazil nut (oil)

Strep Throat: mutamba, mullaca, gervâo, copaiba, gervâo, bitter melon, pau d'arco, guaco, kalanchoe

Stress: manacá, catuaba, mulungu, passionflower, damiana, muira puama, kalanchoe

Sunburn: samambaia, cat's claw, gervâo, guaco

Sunstroke: see Heat Stroke

Syphilis: mutamba, sarsaparilla, manacá, clavillia, pau d'arco, boldo, Brazilian peppertree, samambaia, copaiba, cashew, vassourinha, guaco, scarlet bush, gervâo, abuta, damiana, tayuya, guacatonga, nettles, chanca piedra, nescafe, pata de vaca, catuaba, jaborandi

Testicular inflammation: abuta, curare

Tetanus: fedegoso, guaco, copaiba, andiroba, passionflower, annatto, curare, anamu, clavillia (also see Bacterial Diseases)

Thrush: see Candidia

Tick Bites: See Insect Bites & Stings

Tonsillitis: mutamba, picão preto, mullaca, carqueja, cashew, copaiba, guaco, anamu, Brazilian peppertree, fedegoso, gervâo, sangre de grado, clavillia

Trichomonas: guaco, anamu, epazote, simarouba, amargo, fedegoso

Tuberculosis: picão preto, anamu, fedegoso, Brazilian peppertree, amor seco, bitter melon, pau d'arco, sarsaparilla, kalanchoe, jatoba, manacá, copaiba, balsam, chanca piedra, velvet bean, acerola

Ulcerative Colitis: sangre de grado, cat's claw, macela, picão preto, boldo, sarsaparilla, fedegoso, guaco, pau d'arco, simarouba

Ulcers: see Helicobacter pylori Ulcers and Peptic Ulcers

Urinary Tract Infections: chanca piedra, anamu, jatoba, nettle, boldo, cipó cabeludo, copaiba, fedegoso, Brazilian peppertree, epazote, curare, vassourinha, amor seco, espinheira santa, picão preto, abuta, annatto, pau d'arco

Urticaria: see Hives

Uterine Diseases: abuta, amor seco, anamu, Brazilian peppertree, cipó cabeludo, clavillia, curare, fedegoso, guaco, jatoba, pau d'arco, sarsaparilla, picão preto

Uterine Fibroids: abuta, graviola, mutamba, cat's claw, chuchuhuasi, simarouba, Brazilian peppertree

Vaginal Diseases (Infection, vaginitis, leucorrhea, etc): jatoba, pau d'arco, anamu, amor seco, clavillia, abuta, curare, annatto, Brazilian peppertree, guava, fedegoso, sangre de grado, cashew, picão preto, bitter melon sarsaparilla

Varicose Veins: cat's claw, acerola, andiroba (topical), camu camu

Vasculitis: gervâo, guaco, cat's claw

Viral Infections: jergon sacha, mullaca, sangre de grado, anamu, chanca piedra, macela, bitter melon, pau d'arco, vassourinha, mutamba, kalanchoe, amargo, clavillia, erva tostão, picão preto, simarouba, carqueja, catuaba, chá de bugre, iporuru, stevia, cat's claw, Brazilian peppertree

Vitiligo: see Autoimmune Disorders

Warts: aveloz (topical), sangre de grado (topical), copaiba (topical), bitter melon, embauba, clavillia, mullaca, vassourinha, pau d'arco, macela, jergon sacha, Brazilian peppertree, chanca piedra, sarsaparilla

Whooping Cough: jergon sacha, embauba, samambaia, kalanchoe, avenca, mulungu, guaco, guava, passionflower, mulungu (also see Bacterial Infections)

Wounds: see Cuts & Wounds

Yeast Infections: see Candida

Yellow Fever: amargo, jergon sacha, simarouba, mullaca, mutamba, gervâo, anamu, vassourinha, chanca piedra, bitter melon, manacá, kalanchoe, scarlet bush, juazeiro

Women's Health (General): abuta, catuaba, clavo huasca, chuchuhuasi, damiana, suma, sarsaparilla, vassourinha, erva tostão, cat's claw

Wild Edibles and medicinals are an essential part of anyone's survival plan (or should be) if they pln to be off the grid for any significant period of time. The knowledge of plants can not only provide you nutrition but can also bring you back from the brink of death in some instances. Medicinls have been trusted for thousands of years and its time we reclaim that knowledge and decrease our dependence on the pharmacy! 

Have something outdoor/bushcraft/trapping/preparedness/hiking/camping/fishing/hunting related you want me to make a post about? Leave me a comment and I will see what I can do! As always feel free to leave your questions and comment below! Also if you enjoy the blog please vote for us on the following websites to help us reach a wider audience:

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