Monday, February 9, 2015

The Walking Dead Season 5 Mid-Season Premier- Survival Takeaways

The Walking Dead Season 5 Mid-Season Premier Survival Takeaways
So The Walking Dead has returned with all of its gore and splendor and we already have main characters dying off... if you haven't see the episode then here is your spoiler alert. So why do I do a weekly article about The Walking Dead? This show is the #1 show on TV in its time slot and has a strong emphasis on survival. From day one I noticed some major issues with their survival skills so I wanted help correct these inaccuracies and help people avoid the pitfalls depicted in the show.
1) How Do You Communicate Without Speaking? Throughout the show the characters have relied heavily on spoken communication even in hostile situations weather it be through a radio or some other form of direct communication. A few simple hand gestures from various army field manuals would make life much easier for this group, especially when your main adversary is a hunter mostly by sound. Things you should learn: rally on me, move forward, flank left, flank right, cover fire, just to be a few.

2) Leaving Trail Signs/Markers- If you are separated from your group and need to change location do you know how to leave signs for those individuals to follow? Check out the SAS Survival Handbook, 3rd Edition: Buy It Here! (LINK) See my review of the SAS Survival Handbook HERE (LINK) for ways to mark a trail and also signal for rescue if needed.

3) Can You Reconstruct A Situation And Rebuild What You Think Happened From Signs Left Behind? Situational awareness, tracking, human/animal behavior are all components of determining what happened in a given situation. If there is something aside from survival skills to take a class on advanced tracking is something I highly recommend. Learning human tracking for wilderness search ad rescue and learning how people react in given situations based on stress etc. are skills that will always help!

4) How Are All Of These Gas Engines Still Working A Few Years Post Collapse? .... Even with a good fuel stabilizer like STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer - Buy It Here! (LINK) you simply can't store gas for four or five years and still use it in a vehicle without issues. 

5) Moral High Ground In Survival- "Paying the Cost of Living": This show is great at showing how one can pay the cost of living with their life. I will mostly let this one speak for it's self from the literal stance but I have to say morals and survival post grid-down would be a juggling act of epic proportions.

6) Need For A Good Fixed Blade Knife On Your Hip At All Times: Be sure to check out my article "What To Look For In A Survival Knife' (LINK); So what knife do I recommend? There are tons out there that I love but I do have to say I'm a huge fan of Jeff White, Battle Horse Knives, and Mora of Sweden. All are good for every survival task your would need in the woods. In a post-grid down environment a strong fixed blade survival knife that can also be used as a fighting knife is key. Learning not only the use of a knife for survival but also in a fighting system such as Krav Maga. 

7) Gated Community/Properties Would Be A Great Start For A Post Grid-Down Location: While I'm not a huge fan of gated communities I do see the positives in having a gated community for post grid-down rebuilding. The gate would give some limited protection from those outside wishing to do you harm while also keeping predators and animals allowing you to grow crops inside the safety of your walls. There is a reason castles were a main stay throughout Europe and could hold off a siege for weeks or months at a time.

8) What Do You Think About Cable Barriers? I know one thing from the second they put them in as a divider on the interstate they have been eating up cars ever since. These things will shred cars but also stop them on a dime.  Granted you would have to have them tensioned and bound but they work wonders.... Just be careful they are extremely dangerous if they snap rapidly or are cut.

9) The Spread Of Disease Should Be Much Worse! There are literally millions of corpses unburied and possibly in the water sources disease should without a doubt be running wild and not just the plot in one episode. Learning a few home remedies and wilderness medications (Learn how to make Pine Needle Tea HERE) could potentially save your life.... and PLEASE treat your water! Learn how to treat water using a DIY Tripod Water Filter (LINK- HERE). Also be sure to get yourself a high quality first aid kit and learn how to use it, see my IFAK Here (LINK). Don't have an IFAK get one here!

10) A Second Of Losing Focus Can Cost Your Health And Also Your Life! The former usually leading to the later without modern medicine or water treatment or even sanitation. Keeping a clean camp and a clean body will without a doubt keep your health much better. Remember operational security protocols and keep your head o a swivel. 

11) Washington DC Is The Last Place You Want To Be In A Disaster... I used to live there the population density is WAY to high to support life without modern conveniences. Resources would be exploited quickly... heck even our own governments plans don't include staying in DC. Each person in the chain of command has a bunker location and protection plan for a major disaster and very few of those plans involve DC other than the bunkers on various properties around the city for immediate emergencies. The populace is generally unarmed, unprepared and lacking in primitive skills..... Now that I'm done bashing DC for post disaster I must say its an amazing city and I loved living there... just a preparedness nightmare.

12) What is Coming Up- "We need to find food and water, I don't know how much longer we can last!" That was stated as they were doing what seemed like a long journey along the highway possibly to DC.
Farewell Tyreese, May you rest in Peace (Season 3-Last Night)

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