Friday, February 12, 2016

Free For All Friday!

While I was loading up my Kindle application on my phone earlier for my normal weekend survival reading during down time at work I thought as follows..... Self, each week I look for free ebooks in the survival/prepping/self-reliance/off-grid/homesteading genre why are you not sharing these with everyone else since you already are doing half the work anyway? Well my subconscious self had a good point so while I was downloading the books below last night I added them to my online store's reference section  (find it HERE-LINK) to save them until I could gain access to a laptop today. Thus a new weekly post is born and I will be posting free books each Friday that I find through the week (If you miss a post just check the store's reference section as I will add them there each week as well). Be sure to check the price before you hit buy as amazon can change prices on a whim but as of last night they were all free downloads! I hope you're able to get some use out of this weeks books and I will post a comment here if I find one I really like while reading this weekend! If you have AdBlocker you will need to turn it off to get the free books to load below. Just remember to refresh your browser to after you turn it off.

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