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The 7 P's Of Survival Radio Show: Winter Hammock Camping w/ JacksRBetter (12/08/2015)

If you missed my show last week with the guys from Jacks R Better I have enclosed the player below. This was a great show where we talked all things hammock camping and specifically winter camping tips and tricks! Please feel free to comment with any questions you might have!

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Hammock camping
12-4-15 hammock
This Week on the 7 P’s of Survival Live Show we will be talking all things hammock camping and winter hammock camping with the guys from! I have had the pleasure of using their Mt. Washington and Winter Nest Underquilts recently and these guys put out some of the most high quality gear available on the market today. Just one look at their website and you will know that these guys have a ton of camping experience and I personally look forward to learning from their wealth of knowledge. In just a few short conversations that I have had with these gentlemen I have learned a great deal about how to make a hammock a more enjoyable place to sleep, especially in the winter.

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In this show I hope to discuss the following topics: hammock selection, under and top quilt selection, alternative sleeping methods to under or top quilts, rigging methods, tarp/rain fly options, and best places to hang a hammock. I myself just started trying to hammock camp this past summer as a way to stay cool/elevated and away from the mosquitoes and fell in love with how great of a night’s sleep you get in the hammock, if I could I would replace my bed with one. In that short time of camping I have learned a few lessons that I hope to convey tonight and among those are the following:

1) If you are always hot get a hammock and I guarantee you will be cold when you under estimate the power of heat loss by convection;

2) Under quilt substitutes will work, but they end up being much bulkier and weigh more while providing much less protection from convective heat loss;

3) Wool blankets are great when winter camping, but once again are much heavier and provide much less warmth for the weight;

4) All in one packages are great, but when it comes to winter camping the netting can be in the way;

5) While a small foot print tarp/rain fly are nice for easy packing and deployment a larger 10×10 fly can make all the difference when going on a long-term trip;

6) There are literally hundreds of ways to rig a hammock, but for the a figure 8 follow through on one side coupled with a truckers hitch on the other is hard to beat (I guess that is the old school in me);

7) The size and the type of the tree you hang from matters a great deal, remember soft woods such as pine will bend much easier creating sag in your hammock.

I have no doubt the guys from will be insightful into all things hammocks and will make this a learning experience for campers at any experience level.

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