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The 7 P's Of Survival Radio Show: Civilian Emergency Response Team! (10/06/2015)

In-case you missed last nights live show, here is the player so you can listen to the recording. If you have any questions please feel free to ask them below and I will gladly answer them.

Civilian Emergency Response Team Training In A Nutshell!
Josh “The 7P’s of Survival
Emergency Response 
This week on the 7 P’s Of Survival Show we will be stepping into my roots (Shout out to my hometown fire department Triune-Halleck Fire Department within the Emergency Response Community and talking about one of my favorite classes I used to teach while with the WV State Fire Academy: Civilian Emergency Response Team. This week I will have Scott Finazzo, who like myself is a veteran firefighter and also a second generation firefighter.
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Scott recently wrote a book called The Neighborhood Emergency Response Handbook that I was able to read on my 32 hours worth of flights (didn’t take anywhere near that long, but it was good to have to read) over the last two weeks. While reading the book I thought of two things: 1) This book should be the new manual for the FEMA cert program (maybe add in a few more pictures) and 2) The chapter on Disaster Psychology was very well written and not covered in nearly enough in emergency response textbooks or even commercial books that I have come across in the preparedness realm.
Emergency Response

So what will we be covering in this Mini Cert Class? 
Throughout the show we will talk about how you can apply first responder standard operating procedures and tools to deal with a disaster in your home or community when emergency services may be delayed. Here are a few things we will cover: Incident Priorities, Accountability, Size-Up, Risk Management (high risk/low frequency vs. low risk/high frequency events), Utility management and the tools needed to shut them off check out this tool we used to give all of our CERT responders, great tool to have, Classes of fire and firefighting, Hazardous Materials recognition (hint- download WIZER), Urban Search and Rescue, Wilderness SAR, Disaster Medical Operations and How to get involved in disaster or emergency response.
Emergency Response 
Toward the end of the show I will invite my wife to join the show and share her perspective as a PhD in Psychology candidate who joined my Fire Department over a decade ago to study the effects of stress and PTSD on emergency responders while giving back to the community. The three of us will dig into dealing with stressful situations, post traumatic stress debriefings, and much more during this mini segment of the show. Even if you have attended a CERT class and still have your manual this chapter alone makes this book worth picking up.
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This show will be a look into the first responder community like no other. I hope this show leaves you thinking about how you can get involved in community emergency/disaster response and put all of those preparedness skills to use helping others, all while learning many more skills and building a mental toughness that only experiencing what first responders and military personnel do on a daily basis can provide.
This show is truly one you will not want to miss! Please feel free to call in with your questions (347)202-0228 (press 1 to be place in the que) or join us in chat with your questions and feed back.

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About The 7 P’s Of Survival show!
Join Josh of the 7 P’s Survival Blog in the studio every Tuesday night at 9pm Eastern Time. This is a live show where you can interact and engage with Josh and His guests (Josh often invites his friends from the preparedness community to dig into pertinent topics). You can interact via chat room or by calling into the show (we would love to hear from you!). Each week regardless of whether there is a guest for the show Josh will dig into current events and legal issues which relate to preparedness, update you on what is going on with his blog/survival school and review the happenings of various survival related television programming.
Josh runs the 7p’s Survival Blog, JPS Consulting LLC (Oil & Gas Law, Business Strategy, Emergency Response, Etc.), A Survival School (Coming fall of 2015) and is working on his first survival related book (he has published several books on incident command and legal issues for emergency response agencies). Josh has worked in emergency response since 1999 serving as a fire chief and a variety of other capacities throughout his career. Josh holds a Doctor of Juris Prudence degree from the West Virginia University College of Law along with a BSBAd’s in Marketing and Management from West Virginia University College of Business and Economics. He also holds hundreds of emergency response related certifications many at the national level. He has taught at a wide variety of emergency response conferences and for various state and federal agencies mostly in the area of incident management, technical rescue and hazardous materials mitigation.

This show will explore a wide variety of topics including: legal issues in preparedness, wilderness skills (including a weekly skill challenge- A youtube video will be shared each week demonstrating a skill for listeners to review and post their responses), self reliant skills, gear reviews and interviews with manufactures, current events, Q & A with fellow bloggers and YouTuber’s, emergency response and disaster preparedness and recovery.

So what are the 7 P’s? The 7 P’s concept is derived from the military and emergency response where the pneumonic stands for the following: Prior, Proper, Planning, Prevents, Piss, Poor, Performance. This old adage stuck with Josh since his early days in the fire service and resonated with him so much it became his approach to preparedness and wilderness survival right along with his emergency response career.

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