Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Book Review: Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life!

Before I left town Jason Hanson the Author of Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life was on the 7 P's of survival radio show (Listen to that show here- LINK) where we talked about spy safety and survival techniques that can save your life all while keeping you and those you love protected from danger. Jason Hanson is a former CIA officer, security specialist and recent successful contestant on ABC’s Shark Tank. Jason teaches everyday citizens to protect themselves at his Spy Escape & Evasion School. He has been interviewed by major media outlets for security expertise, including the Today show, the Rachel Ray Show, Dateline, NPR, Forbes, the Wall Street Journal, the Huffington Post and took time out of his day to speak with the 7 P’s of Survival Blog/ Radio Show! Jason runs www.spyescape.com, www.spysecretsbook.com in addition to his Spy Escape & Evasion School and recently wrote a book titled: “Spy Secrets That Can Save Your Life” the book I'm reviewing below.

In his book Jason discusses several skills that he covers in his E&E School including: 1) How to become a human lie detector and simple ways to tell is someone is trying to deceive you; 2) Escape zip ties, duct tape, rope, even handcuffs in 30 seconds or less without a sharp object; 3) Disappear without a trace; 4) Create an escape and evasion kit and the critical items to include in it; 4) Pick almost any lock quickly; 5) Use social engineering to get almost anything you want; 6) Prevent home invasions, carjackings, and other violent crimes; 7) Know you’re being followed; and much more.

So what better way to review a book that to share my favorite tip from each chapter... Just at the onset I will say this is one of the few book I will say that everyone should read if you are at all interested in preparedness.

My Favorite Tips From Each Chapter
Chapter 1: Survival Intelligence- Practice Situational Awareness At All Times! This is something that I really need to work on, while I'm one of the more situational aware than nearly everyone I know that doesn't cut it. I have become a part of smartphone nation and need to learn to sever the ties from connectivity when not in the comfort of my home or an area I've deem to be safe from hazards or threats. One Facebook check and I may find myself in the middle of an active shooter situation/robbery/animal attack/etc. that I could have prevented or avoided just by being aware of my surroundings.

Chapter 2: Situational Awareness- Three Pre-Incident Indicators: 1) Staring; 2) Pacing; and 3) Distraction. While I was very familiar with these habits for an individual attack I was glad it was included in the book to show others pre-attack indicators to look for, particularly women.

Chapter 3: Your Spy Escape and Evasion Kit- His EDC kit mirrors a lot of what I keep in mine and thus why I like it. His kit include the following: Pocket knife, gun, cell phone, bobby pins, monkey fist key chain, handcuff key, USD, Tactical pen, lock pick kit set and credit card knife.

Chapter 4: Become An Escape Artist-This chapter gives you a ton of useful tip for escaping unlawful restraint in handcuffs or duct tape using what you carry on your person. While these tips are great they are a little long to put here, but this chapter is well worth buying the book to read.

Chapter 5: The Impenetrable Home- Home security sign, weather you have a full security system or not at least have the perception of a system by having a home security system sign in your front yard.

Chapter 6: Travel Safety- Stay between floors three and six.Criminals target the first two floors for easy robberies and most fire department ladder trucks will only reach the sixth floor. Statistically if there is a major fire and you're not able to get out that would be your only chance at escape (look up the Las Vegas MGM fire for all the convincing you will ever need on this fact).

Chapter 7: How To Run Counter Surveillance Like A Pro- A person who is tailing you or intends to do you harm will start matching your pace. This generally holds true for foot and vehicle traffic so keep that in the back of your mind while you're practicing situational awareness.

Chapter 8: Social Engineering Secrets- Borrow a baby, this works for a man to get nearly anything he could possibly ask for.

Chapter 9: How To Be A Human Lie Detector- What to look for in someone lying- 1) Tapping a foot, 2) Tossing hair, 3) Biting fingernails, 4) Unusual facial expressions, 5) Lowering the eyes, 6) Sighing, 7) Throat clearing, and 8) Playing with clothes.

Chapter 10: How To Disappear Without A Trace- Burner phones, breaking habits and use only cash. If you want to use a phone use the cheapest prepaid phone you can get from a store that has no camera and buy with cash. Break old habits before you try to disappear, you have to cut all ties with your old life. Cash is king and many a criminal has disappeared with gobs of it in tow.

Chapter 11: The Art Of Survival Driving- How to ram a car.... may I say just Google PIT maneuver and you're golden. If you are trying to go through a road block then try to hit the vehicle at or behind the rear axle where there is less weight.

Chapter 12: Defending Yourself- There are several tips in this chapter about basic movement and use of a tactical pen, but I would highly suggest researching Krav Maga it is by far the best self defense method to learn if you are going to carry an EDC like the one listed above.

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This was one of the better preparedness books I have read in the last several years. This book talks about things that anyone who carries a self-defense weapon (not just firearm) should read and practice to avoid the need to use said self-defense weapon. The book provides countless tips and tricks that you can implement in your daily life and isn't all Jason Bourne or James Bond movie theater rubbish, it is things you can use on a daily basis. This book is well worth the read and I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to improve their skills with their EDC kit.

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