Monday, February 16, 2015

The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 5 (Them): Survival Takeaways

The Walking Dead Season 5 Episode 5 (Them): Survival Takeaways
1) No matter how much pain (whether it be emotional or physical) you’re in you have to keep surviving, you can't let anything take you out of the game, because if you do you are giving into death. A good psychological approach to survival (keeping a quasi positive state of mind) supplemented with a decent knowledge base will almost always beat out a survival expert with a poor survival mindset.

2) If you are on the move in a survival situation (generally not recommended unless they place you are is lacking in resources and rescue is not likely) then you need to replace those calories, yes you can go a month or more without food especially with fat reserves but that is based on remaining stagnant. Therefore, When on the move, no matter how disgusting the meal you have to eat. Just be safe, know what you are eating and prepare it properly because if you vomit then you will be hungry, sick and dehydrated. So what does that mean? A) Don’t rule out insects; B) Coyote, possum, coon, and other sources of meat need to remain options; C) Have a solid knowledge base of wild edibles for all seasons (Learn how to Identify Wild Edible- LINK); D) Don’t over think and psych yourself out just eat; E) Have a decent knowledge of primitive trapping skills and have multiple sets to increase your chances at a potential meat source; F) Keep a survival shotgun as a means to secure game (See Mine Here- LINK); G) When you go into the woods take a food source with you.

3) In case you haven't read it on any of my other TWD survival take away posts get a good fixed blade survival knife, your life may depend on it! A good survival knife made to these specifications (LINK) can serve as a one tool option that will help you get through nearly any survival situation you may find yourself in.

Get A Survival Knife Here:

4) Conserve energy when you can because you never know when you may literally be fighting for your life. A river crossing may turn into a Class IV whitewater swim, a basic meal may end in a fight with a bear or a decent down a hill/mountain can end up being a mechanical injury. If you are able to conserve energy, do so as you never know whats over the next hill or around the river bend. Work smarter, not harder!

5) Tunnel vision will kill you! Operational awareness is essential and when your mind is out of the game the rest of you is soon to follow. Little mistakes can quickly turn into massive issues, mechanical injuries or even death. Slow and methodical is winning in the woods. Take your time, keep your head on a swivel and be ready for anything.

6) Rain is your friend, most of the time! If you don't have a copy of the SAS Survival Manual (Buy It HERE!) get one and freshen up your weather forecasting skills after awhile you can get better than the weather man/woman. Remember it doesn't have to be below 0 to suffer from hypothermia, have quality rain gear and keep your tarp read for rapid setup (Learn how I rapidly setup my tarp shelter in diamond configuration- LINK) and for all things survival have a rain catchment system ready to go when you get that fresh water coming down on you without any effort. This goes hand and hand with your conserving energy time not devoted to water purification can be put to better use so make your shelter a rain collection device using water bottles and pots and stay ready for the next obstruction you will encounter.

7) Does anyone else wonder how all of these weapon lights and hand lights are still working? What is your grid-down system for keeping these items charged? I personally use the goal zero system along with a portable USB battery charger for my phone and hand light. What are your plans for keeping all of those gadgets you depend on daily running?

Here Are A Few Solutions To Your Off-Grid Power Needs!

8) Do what you need to do then you live for "we are the walking dead." The story Rick told about his grandfather expecting to die each day in battle was something that got me. I personally believe that is completely the wrong mantra to have in a survival situation. You need to keep your will to live because the second you loose it you are just going through the motions.

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