Sunday, November 16, 2014

The Walking Dead Survival Takeaways From The Last Two Weeks

The Walking Dead Survival Takeaways From The Last Two Weeks:
Last Weeks Episode: 
1) An IFAK (See Mine HERE) is no good unless it is on your person and you know how to use it! Get one, keep it on your person and get training on how to use it to save your life or that of another!

2) Trash can + 2 crossed hangers = hobo stove. Although it's a shame they would most likely have died of CO poisoning from making that fire inside without any ventilation.

3) Always keep your survival knife on your person, its the hardest of the 10 C's to replicate and can basically be used to make most of the rest of your kit. This episode and every other episode show you how you have to not only rely on your knife for survival tasks but also as a front line weapon.

4) Toilet reservoirs are an untapped source of clean water post grid-down.

5) Guess they found a magic fire truck that doesn't need to be running in order to pump..... but he did make a great point concerning how it would fix their constant search for water. How many other vehicles have that type of water you can haul along with a ton of other usable tools?

6) Strings from hardbound books can be used to suture a wound or as cordage. 

7) When taking someone into a group you need to have a vetting process, simply don't believe they are a mad scientist and able to save the world. Everyone in the group should have a part and should fulfill that part on a daily basis. 

8) An EDC bag (See mine HERE), go bag or other type of survival kit should be at your side 24/7. Every episode I see people wondering around like there isn't a care in the world yet they are amongst one of the worst possible scenarios one could think of. Get a kit, keep it on you and don't make their mistake it will make your life easier.

 This Weeks Episode:
1) Psychology is 3/4 of the game when it comes to survival, keeping your head in the game is essential. weakness of mind is worse than weakness of body as if you lose the will to survive you will surely perish; however, weakness of the body can be overcome.

2) Collecting rainwater is essential in a survival essential, always plan for rain in a shelter but also take advantage of the free clean water and collect as much as possible!

3) Stealth is essential whenever are in a E&E type of situation, is your load-out and clothing suitable to act in such a manner if needed? Also when following someone in E&E fashion its not the greatest idea to make a fire which produces a plume of black smoke, that makes a very easy way to be found!

4)  You will eventually run out of ammunition and weapons aside from fixed blade knives and primitive weapons. When was the last time you practiced with your survival knife as a weapon? Have you considered training in Krav Maga?

5) So you have a great survival knife.... so are you able to sharpen it using multiple methods? One of the best things you can practice is proper knife maintenance, its a skill that will help you the rest of your life!

6)  E & E or bugging out in an urban environment is quite a bit different than wilderness survival and requires different tools and load out. You have countless structures to use as shelters, you have doors that will be locked, resources hidden, countless places where you can be surprise attacked, and a variety of other issues that you just won't run into in the woods. So for those of you from an urban environment what do you keep in an E & E kit? Do you keep it small so its easier to maneuver in a smaller space (in between a fence or chained doors)? Do you carry a pry bar or lock picking kit? Do you have someone in your group who could provide over watch from a fortified position (remember wind in an urban environment can be a major factor)? Just a few things to think about that this episode made me think of.

7) Like mom said.... look both ways before crossing the street! In all seriousness a good operational picture is required, without a good understanding of the environment you are operating in you will never succeed.

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