Sunday, November 30, 2014

The Walking Dead: Mid Season Finale- Survival Lessons Learned

The Walking Dead: Mid Season Finale- Survival Lessons Learned
1) Once Again Don't Play In Traffic: When someone is speeding at you in a car get out of their path! For all things good and holy, don't get hit by a car when you have little to no modern medicine. Also if your in E&E mode have a hidden blade or handcuff key at the ready to ensure your able to get out of a captive situation if needed.

2) Walk Softly and Carry a Big Stick: Once again mind your foot placement and wear good boots with proper protection.  Also carry the right tool for the right job, if you need to mow down hundreds of people at once then don't take a pistol and a sword to the fight, take full auto belt fed or high explosives.

3) Mind Your Six: This once again goes back to operational awareness and working with an over-watch with sufficient communications. Getting caught by surprise is always a bad thing in a survival situation. Remember the 7 P's and they will get your through!

4) Physical Fitness: It is critically important no matter what the situation, but in a grid down or even a stressful survival situation it is critically important. Without proper fitness you simply will not last long against the elements or against an enemy whomever or whatever it may be.

5) Trust No One, Not Even Yourself: Once again remember that when it comes down to your primitive survival instinct in a dire situation, everything goes out the window. Everyone reacts differently and may would drown their own mother to save their own butt. Practice in high stress situations and and learn how you and your body will react in those situations. If you carry concealed then take an active shooter style class where you have to make rapid decisions under stress differentiating between friendlies and combatants. Practice your knots under the most adverse conditions possible (hands behind your back and eyes closed) and they will come second nature.... to the point you may only be able to tie knots with your eyes closed. You don't truly own a skill until you can do it without thinking.

6) An Over-watch Sniper: FINALLY! They finally learned a lesson (Maybe the writers are taking a look at this blog :)) and have someone watching their six and they even had communications with the entry team. Unfortunately they were stupid and left both in the same position, one angle change and that Over-Watch is out of the game.

7) Suppressed Weapons CAN'T Beat Them: I know I have said this in the past, but silence is key, especially for an Over-Watch position to prevent discovery as long as possible. If you have them you possess a tactical advantage over the masses, granted the $200 tax stamp and roughly $500 for the actual suppressor make the pay to play game exclusive (unfortunate as it may be and far from what the framers of the Constitution envisioned) and their availability is still quite limited in the US private sector.

8) Hidden Weapons Are The Best Kind, But When You Take Action Make It Decisive: Beth used that "tactical blade" to try to bring a rapid resolution to a conflict; however, she didn't act in a decisive or appropriate action against a higher trained individual who was armed much better. If you are going to use the element of surprise then use it to effectively end the fight!

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