Monday, July 7, 2014

Weekly Field Trip: Cass Scenic Railroad, WV

Weekly Field Trip: Cass Scenic Railroad, WV
Going to divert from the Las Vegas based road trips for a couple weeks and hit a few spots in my home state of WV. I recently took a trip 2.5 hours south-east to Cass,WV for a trip up to Bald Knob on Cass Scenic Railroad. The railroad used to be a major timber operation that fueled the WV economy along with coal for most of our statehood. Cass trains were designed specifically for this mountain  (one of the three tallest in the Appalachian Mountain Range) so they could carry massive loads up steep grades and around the sharp turns required to make the switchbacks going up the extreme elevation changes. Lets now get to the views you will see on this 5 hour round trip, But first up is a video of the trip back down the hill in segments:


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  1. We were just there the second week of June!!!! My 3rd time there and we love it!!