Sunday, June 29, 2014

EDC Tool Kit

EDC Tool Kit
 I started this pack with the intention of making it solely an EDC tool kit then defensive items that I don't carry on my person and back up medical items found their way into the kit as I cut back on items I never used tool wise. This portion of my kit is constantly evolving and if you have any recommendations please feel free to comment below.
 1) The lower exterior pocket of my EDC Bag is home to the EDC Tool Kit and is a nearly perfect fit for the pocket as currently configured. 
2) For a size comparison it is setting next to the Bacho Laplander (normally a Mora Bushcraft Black infront of the Bacho).
3) Front of the kit with two Zip Ties.
4) Contents of the front zipper compartment: Rite-in-the rain notebook, Gorilla tape wrapped around a business card, pocket compass with magnifying glass/whistle/ and thermometer. 
5) Contents of the interior of the kit as packaged currently
6) Left Side of Interiort: Pepper Spray pen, dagger pen, allen wrench fits everything I have, Screw driver bit kit, Leatherman, Lanskey Tactical Sharpening  Rod , Collapsible baton, handcuffs
7) Right Side of the Kit: Window punch with handcuff key, sharpie, 5.11 tactical light, Tweezers, MyClense Spray (kills 99.9% of blood borne pathogens even in mucus membranes with out causing pain), WD40 pen, Spray hand sanitizer. 

Please feel free to make any suggestions or leave any question in the comments!


  1. What type of bag did you use?

    1. Condor MA64 Sidekick Pouch: