Monday, March 10, 2014

Survival Pod Key Chain (EQUIPMENT REVIEW)

Survival Pod Key Chain (Equipment Review)
You can purchase the Survival Pod HERE
Or purchase the Larger Xtream Survival Pod HERE
I found this piece of survival equipment REI on a recent visit and wanted to make you all aware of it. If you are unable to carry a pocket kit or a full 10 C's Kit at any given time and only able to pocket carry this may be a good item to add to your key chain! While it is a far cry from a full kit it does address Combustion, Cordage, Cutting tool, Cargo Tape and Container of the 10 C's. You can easily add a button clip compass, a handcuff key or other small items which could slide under the paracord exterior. I also believe if you were to take this project on you could come up with a more comprehensive kit, however this small kit draws a great balance between I'm carrying this in my pocket daily and I want something to use in a pinch.
The above is a simple "un-boxing" picture of the survival pod. As you can see there is a little room in which you could slide additional items (small items....i.e. the handcuff key below will not fit as the circle at the top of the key is simply too big) into the survival pod.
The above picture is a quick reference for you as to how big the actual product is. As you can see the survival pod is a little smaller than a wireless remote and will easily fit in your pocket without causing any bulge or other issues for an EDC pocket carry.
The interior contents are as shown above above (minus the sheath for the knife). All of those contents are held in a plastic bag (use as a container or for treatment of a sucking chest wound) and sealed inside of the paracord exterior. The knife is a good mix of saw and razor blade, the gorilla tape speaks for itself, the ferro rod is quite small (i.e. will throw less material i.e. sparks and require alot more fire prep work) and the fire starter is not sure fire or water proof and is probably the least effective component of this kit.

As you can see from the links at the top of the page there are two options for the survival pod this one and the Xtreme. I found that this kit is a much better fit for a pocket kit; however, that being said the other bag would be great to clip onto a pack.... but the catch 22 is its not on your person and would not be there when you need it. Also the larger kit is roughly 2.5 times the size of the key fob in length and roughly double the circumference. So keep this in mind if you decide to make a purchase.

Final Thoughts- This is a great little backup kit to always keep in your pocket. While the kit is nowhere near adequate for long-term survival it would work in a pinch if you are found with nothing but the keys in your pocket in a survival situation. I hope to do a review of a wearable survival bracelet (platform i believe is best for this style kit) in the future, but until then I believe this product is one of the better kit choices out there if you find yourself with nothing but the clothing on you back and the keys in your pocket.

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